List of Healthy Foods that Boost Brain Function and Increase Concentration

by Guest Blogger on January 22, 2014

Pome Granate, avocado, egg, radish, nut, tomatoesWhen you are choosing the best food that you will be giving your children, you have to make sure that you are also considering the nutrient that it contains. Your children deserve the best food that can help them grow healthier and stronger. In this article, you will find the list of foods that will help boost your kid’s brain and increase his concentration.

When your child is already going to school, you need to give him foods that are effective in making his brain active during classes. You also have to focus in his ability to concentrate. So, when you are going to serve food for your children in the morning before they go to school, here is a list that you can choose from:


  • Oatmeal. This food that is served perfectly during breakfast. According to nutritionists, this is effective in keeping the child active and easy to concentrate. This contains fiber and protein, the two most effective contents that can be great not only in keeping the brain active. Protein is effective in keeping your kids energized throughout the day. When preparing this, you can add fruits to make it more appealing and more nutritious.


  • Leveraging lunch.Eating lunch is as important as taking your breakfast. This is the reason why you need to give your children foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals. With this, you have to choose fruits, milk and sandwiches that are equipped with whole wheat. These are perfect because they contain fiber and vitamin B. It has been proven that vitamin B is effective in boosting the memory. Your kid will surely avoid feeling sleepy and will be able to perform well during the remaining hour of the day in school.


  • Beef. One of the reasons why children cannot function well when they are in school is iron deficiency. This condition hinders children from actively participating and concentrating in school activities. You can help your kid fight this type of deficiency by giving him or her an ounce of beef everyday. This product is a perfect source of iron. And aside from that, it is also a good source of zinc. This mineral is very helpful in improving the memory. For more of products that are helpful in improving the memory and concentration of your kids, check


  • Eggs.This product is perfect not only for breakfast and other major meals. You can also add this to your kid’s snacks. Eggs are perfect when you want to improve your kid’s concentration because it contains choline that helps children and adolescent’s recollect and memorize better. This same mineral is also helpful in building stem cells. This is indeed perfect for children. You can add this to your family’s breakfast meal or you can incorporate it to your kid’s sandwich for snacks.


Consider the different foods that are presented above and you can help your child increase concentration and improve his brain function. Those foods are available in the market and they are very easy to find.


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