Bob's Prostate Cancer Success Story

Bob's Prostate Cancer Success Story

Meet Robert Clark, a former farmer from Wisconsin who in November 2005, was diagnosed with Stage 1 Prostate cancer. His work as a cranberry farmer in the '70s may have exposed him to some harmful, cancer-causing pesticides and herbicides. Now, for anyone that knows about prostate cancer, there is a high tendency to remove the prostate using the da Vinci Surgical System, a robot commonly used for prostatectomies. This can lead to problems with controlling urine, blood in the urine and sexual dysfunction. On the other hand, radiation treatment can lead to similar side effects, including Peyronie's disease, a deformation of the penis. This type of surgical or radiation treatment procedure may deplete your quality of life, but in some cases it's necessary. Integrative approaches should be used regardless, to help patients reach entirely better overall health.

Envita Medical Centers doesn't make any guarantee of outcomes. Results are not typical and will vary from person to person and should not be expected.

But Bob didn't have to face any of that. A good friend of his recommended Envita to him, so he checked into our program and got started. The first thing Bob experienced was 30 straight days of detox, chelation and proprietary immunotherapy therapy.

Even better, because Bob's cancer was caught at such an early stage, he didn't need chemotherapy or radiation treatment. Instead, his immune system was cranked back up to an 11 using immunotherapy and nutritional therapy developed by Envita's medical team, as well as boosting his natural killer cells and detoxing all those heavy metals, pesticides and chemicals.

Envita normally doesn't share testimonials until after a long period of remission. In Bob's case, he's had eight years without any return of the cancer, which is significant data in prostate cancer, even if it's in the early stages. As a center Envita, has a long tradition for specializing in late and chronic stage cancers, even after patients have exhausted the conventional route.

But Bob was smart and approached his cancer using the world's latest technologies. In sharing his story this reminds us how powerful the human body is at healing when provided the correct steps. He used nothing but powerful natural treatments and he not doing fine, but great. Does integrative medicine work? For those with experience, it's the most complete form of care.

Now Bob takes supplements daily, eats healthy and exercises vigorously. As much as he can, he eats organically and takes three or four miles walks everyday. Thanks to Envita, Bob returned to his quality of life without having to give up his prostate or suffer through surgery and side effects. Congratulations Bob for having the courage and faith to take great care of yourself. We all wish you continued success in your health.