Autogolous Adoptive Immunotherapy (AAIT) of Natural Killer Cells

What is AAIT? Our Autologous Adoptive Immunotherapy (AAIT) is a type of therapy that is only available in our Mexico center that has not yet been approved by the FDA for the treatment of cancer within the United States. AAIT utilizes a targeted natural killer cell treatment using the patient's own immune system.

With nearly a decade of experience in treating the most difficult cancers, we have developed one of the most innovative immune-based cancer treatment therapies in existence. AAIT is our proprietary method of helping cancer patients achieve stronger immune systems by supplementing their bodies with healthy immune cells that have the ability to fight cancer. In essence, AAIT is akin to an immune system transplant. However, unlike organ transplants, in which organs are obtained from one person and given to another, the cells that are transplanted in the AAIT process are autologous, which means they are the patient's own cells.

To better understand our unique approach to cancer treatment: