Late Stage Cancer Treatment

Four Crucial Cancer Treatment Options Your Protocol May Be Missing

Your chemotherapy has stopped working.

These are the words no cancer patient wants to hear, yet this is an all-too-common phrase millions of people are forced to accept each year. But why does this happen for so many people? With nearly two decades of experience treating complex and late-stage cancers, Envita Medical Center has found (in our clinical experience) four crucial factors which may be contributing to the failure of radiation and chemotherapy treatments in America. Envita is one of the world leaders in personalized, targeted cancer treatment and strives to help our patients overcome these common cancer treatment failures with the aim to improve outcomes and quality of life for our patients.

Disclaimer: Individual results will vary. Envita makes no guarantees for outcomes. Each patient case is unique. Please consult your doctor before making any changes to your medical treatment. Not every patient is a candidate for care or achieves these results. Treatments used in this case may not all be FDA approved for the treatment of this condition.

Advanced Immunotherapy

It is important to realize the singular role your own immune system plays in combating cancer. Believe it or not, the natural immune system is perfectly capable of seeking and destroying cancerous cells on its own. Every day, your body produces dozens of potentially cancerous cells which are subsequently eliminated before they can begin to grow. The condition we call 'cancer' is an instance when the immune system fails to operate in its normal fashion. Several factors can lead to a dysfunction of the immune system. These causative factors can include underlying infections, chemical toxins, heavy metal intoxication, environmental influences, and genetic background. To make matters worse, a single round of chemotherapy or radiation suppresses the immune system which can make you more susceptible to infection or even a resurgence of cancer in the future. Fortunately, there are treatments which boost the immune system and teach it to begin attacking cancer. Envita has developed multiple advanced immunotherapy options to help our patients reboot their immune system and continue to fight off cancer cells naturally.

Envita’s immunotherapy treatments are many years ahead of what is currently available in the conventional cancer care world. Envita’s international facility has worked hard to develop premiere cancer vaccines using natural killer cells, dendritic cells, and genetic alteration to prepare a treatment from the patient's own immune system. The facility also utilizes the latest advanced smart-drugs which establish immunity when used with adjunctive phytotherapeutics for our patients. We have found clinically that a combination of the latest technology and reinforcement of the body’s immune system gives our patients a huge advantage over other cancer centers. While other integrative and conventional cancer centers may use a select few therapies or supplements to try to rebuild immunity, we use precision testing alongside world-class treatments that go far beyond oral supplements to help establish and rejuvenate the immune system. Because Envita’s innovations in immunotherapy outpace the rate at which new therapies are approved by the FDA, we have moved a portion of our most advanced immunotherapy options to our international clinic where they can continue to evolve and may help our patients achieve better results.

Disclaimer: Individual results will vary. Envita makes no guarantees for outcomes. Each patient case is unique. Please consult your doctor before making any changes to your medical treatment. Not every patient is a candidate for care or achieves these results. Treatments used in this case may not all be FDA approved for the treatment of this condition.

Personalized Genetic Targets

Sometimes, undergoing chemotherapy can feel a lot like trial and error as doctors and patients work together through possibly several regimens of standard drugs and dosages. You may be thinking to yourself, "Isn't there a better way to know whether this chemotherapy has a chance to work ahead of time?" Fortunately, there is, and it's an important part of how Envita customizes treatment plans for our patients. Remember that cancer is a disease of mutation and that no two cancers are identical. The best way to know which drugs might work best is to examine the cancer's genetic information from its newest mutations for potential therapeutic targets. It is also important to know that not all cancer genetic tests are created equal. At Envita, we pride ourselves on using the latest technology to examine circulating tumor cells in the blood stream which can provide relevant information to treat the most current cancer mutations in a more targeted way than only using the traditional biopsy sample. The cancer’s real-time genetic information leads to the selection of agents that may have the greatest impact on your individualized cancer data, potentially leading to more effective treatments. Envita uses a proprietary process called GTFC™, Genetically Targeted Fractionated Chemotherapy, to identify potential cancer targets while utilizing micro-dose treatment regimens to minimize side-effects. This attempts to maximize tumor kill, while aiming to retain the strength of the immune system.

Disclaimer: Individual results will vary. Envita makes no guarantees for outcomes. Each patient case is unique. Please consult your doctor before making any changes to your medical treatment. Not every patient is a candidate for care or achieves these results. Treatments used in this case may not all be FDA approved for the treatment of this condition.

Multi-Drug Resistance

MDR or Multi-Drug Resistance, is perhaps the most common cause of being refractory to treatment (treatment not working) and a resurgence in a person's cancer. Most people will begin chemotherapy to combat cancerous tumors, and typically, they will see initial shrinkage of the tumor(s), believing that the treatment is working. But then, without warning, the treatment can stop working all together, and the tumor(s) will begin to grow again. However, this time it will not respond to the same chemotherapy previously prescribed. This is the development of drug resistance, and it is quite common for late-stage cancer patients. Furthermore, it is possible for your cancer to develop resistance to multiple drugs even to the point where it becomes entirely untreatable.

But why does this happen? We have found, in our clinical experience, that there are several factors that can lead to multi-drug resistance. First, when patients are given chemotherapy they are typically not given the correct drug because the chemotherapy has not been genetically tested to be maximally effective for their specific cancer genetics. Secondarily, the incorrect drug is given at maximum therapeutic dose. When the wrong drug is given at maximum dose, it accelerates the cancer’s resistance. (Read our publication on fractionated dosing for more in-depth information) Using strong therapeutic chemotherapy agents kills many cancer cells, but those that remain are put under high pressure to mutate and adapt to the new environment. One of the most common developments is the expression of Pgp pumps on the outer membrane of cancer cells. Pgp pumps are quite literally pumps that remove chemotherapy from the inside of the cancer cells, eliminating the chemotherapy’s effectiveness. Fortunately, Envita has developed treatment methods to help silence MDR and suppress these Pgp pumps to potentially allow for improved tumor kill. The drugs we use to achieve these results are built specific to each patient in our own custom pharmacy based on their laboratory targets. We can tailor each round of medication personally to help achieve the best possible response.

Cancer Gene Silencing

Lastly, it is important to address the importance of epigenetics in cancer. The environment of the patient’s cancer in combination with the causative factors mentioned above will accelerate cancer messaging in the body, causing metastasis and an increasing pace of growth. This is an area that is typically ignored by every major cancer treatment center in America and is critical to getting patients on the path to remission. All cancer has an origin. Though some cancer can arise spontaneously, it is far more common for cancer to originate from a toxic exposure or an underlying infectious cause (Read our publication on cancer infectious causes for more in-depth information).

Cancer relies on certain genes which limit cell growth to be turned off to allow for their uncontrolled spread. There are other genes which can promote cancer stem cell activity and metastasis as well. Without some of these genes working in cancer’s favor, the cells become much more benign or responsive to treatment.

At Envita, we use detailed precision testing and preparation of custom integrative therapeutics in our pharmacy to match these genes and change the environment in the patient's favor. This level of integrative care makes Envita one of the most advanced cancer centers in the world. While other centers may practice intuitive integrative medicine, Envita takes it a step further and practices precision integrative medicine. Intuitive integrative cancer centers give all their patients the same protocols, there is no precision or personalization in their care. When there is no precision, integrative treatments can fail just like conventional treatments because they are not being tailored to the specific patient’s needs. The goal is to discover which adjunctive integrative agents are going to work best for you to support your care (Read our publication to learn more adjunctive cancer options).

These are just a few of the tools we use at our center. Over the years we have found that the sooner we can implement these strategies, the better the chances are that our patients can respond and begin to outperform their previous treatments.

Envita has been practicing this high level of care for nearly over two decades, helping thousands of patients overcome late-stage and complex cancers, and we are one of the world leaders in advanced, personalized, integrative medicine. Envita has been on the cutting-edge of innovation, constantly re-evaluating treatment options and combining the latest in science and technology to continuously bring about better results for our patients. If you have any questions about cancer treatment options, please don't hesitate to contact us at 1-866-830-4576, we are here to help and look forward to hearing from you.