Conditions We Treat

Envita’s personalized medicine for cancer treatment and other disease solution programs are modern, refreshing, and directed to strengthen as well as invigorate patients of every age group. We treat a wide variety of conditions and maintain several specializations including Cancer, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Heart disease, Diabetes, Lyme Disease, Autoimmune, Infectious, and Chronic Diseases.

Each and every patient is regarded as an individual, never a number, and we take a comprehensive approach to treatment so all patients have access to the very best of research-supported therapies. What really separates us from other care providers is our fundamental disbelief in a one-size-fits-all approach to medical care.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) was first recognized and named in the 1980's. CFS is a controversial illness, and a lot of conventional medical professionals still either doubt its existence or believe it is just a psychological ailment. In the past, it has taken patients years to get a correct diagnosis.

Annually, there are 100,000 deaths and 2 million hospitalizations in the U.S. alone due to adverse drug reactions. These statistics are just one indication that the current "one size fits all" approach to medical care is completely deficient. Patients are not treated as individuals, and they are put through standardized treatment plans that do not take into account most of the factors necessary to determine proper diagnosis or care. The same medicine will not work in the same fashion for every single individual all the time. A person's unique genetic make-up as well as environmental influences can greatly affect treatment outcomes. Here at Envita, we utilize the highest quality therapies and benchmarks to ensure that we are successful. Here at Envita, we empower the patient by providing the most advanced medicine from around the world for each individual's specialized needs.

Take a moment to review these two examples that clearly illustrate the need for a more personalized approach to medical care:

In 2005, the FDA approved a drug called BiDil for the treatment of heart failure. In two previous trials before the drug was approved, it showed no benefit in the general population. However, for African-American patients, BiDil helped reduce the death rate from heart failure by 43%, and caused a 39% decrease in hospitalization for heart failure compared to a placebo, and a decrease of the symptoms of heart failure. The reason for the difference in effectiveness was a genetic variance found only in the African-American population.

The FDA-approved drug Herceptin was approved for the treatment of breast cancer because it was shown to block the protein HER2, which can cause cancer cells to grow more rapidly and make standard chemotherapy less effective. But this protein is only present in about 20-25% of women with breast cancer, making it ineffective in the remaining 75-80% of patients.

Only through a more personalized approach to medicine can patients gain access to the right treatments – ones that can successfully address their unique needs. While the conditions of an ailment may appear the same initially, the underlying cause of the illness (and the most effective way to treat it) will be different for each individual.

Our Personalized Approach to Medical Care

At Envita, we take a personalized approach to care. We engage in extensive testing and utilize diagnostic tools to fully examine the various causatives of each patient's disease. A personalized approach to medicine requires an in-depth understanding of all factors that contribute to disease-genetic expression, including: immune function, infectious exposure, and neuroendocrine function. We reach even further to identify a patient's exposure to environmental toxins to be absolutely sure that every stone has been turned. Our approach rejects the current, standardized model of medical care, by treating each patient as a unique individual with individual needs. As a result, we continue to cultivate far more precise diagnoses and customized treatment plans. These result in superior clinical outcomes, faster healing times, and a better quality of patient life. We have a reputation of asking more questions of our patients, conducting thorough testing, and tailoring treatments to the patient's individual needs.

Healing is Our Goal

At Envita, we believe the goal of medicine should be healing, not just treating, which is a concept that has fallen by the wayside in conventional medical environments. That is why we use innovative, research-based therapies and diagnostic tools from around the world to deliver truly customized treatment plans for our patients.

A New Standard of Care

Our doctors and staff are committed to offering you the personalized attention that you deserve. Our doctors make themselves highly available to our patients and are always standing by to answer important questions to ensure understanding, comfort, and a stress free environment. We strive to keep our patients well informed and remain deeply involved in their treatment process.

We do not view our patients as numbers or statistics. Instead, we treat each patient as a unique individual with a unique condition.