Stage 4 Prostate Cancer Treatment

Targeted Prostate Cancer Treatment Options Designed to Help Patients Outperform Standardized Treatment Models

If you have prostate cancer you understand like we do that your cancer can be extremely difficult to treat and lasting results can be scarce. Stage four prostate cancer is known for having an extremely low five-year survival rate when being treated by standard oncology. Even patients who catch their prostate cancer early and have their prostate removed may still experience elevated PSA levels and micrometastasis with no actual tumor to be found. Either way, many prostate cancer patients do not easily achieve remission with standard chemotherapy regimens and testosterone-blocking agents, but why? Why are late-stage and recurrent prostate cancer patients less likely to respond when standard protocols have been apparently successful in treating prostate cancer in the earlier stages of the disease?

The answer is quite simple, standard medicine does not properly account for continuing genetic mutation and early treatments can be incomplete, missing important factors to the disease like circulating tumor cells. Many patients may experience remission because of the slow growth rate of prostate cancer only to have their disease come back a few years later. Once patients reach stage four prostate cancer, they are all but written off by standard medicine and, in our clinical opinion, the standard protocol was primarily focused on management of the disease and not focused on long-term results. At Envita Medical Center we take a unique approach to treating prostate cancer by using personalized genetically based treatments and cutting-edge therapies from around the world, we look to give our patients lasting results no matter what stage of prostate cancer they suffer from.

Envita Medical Centers doesn't make any guarantee of outcomes. Results are not typical and will vary from person to person and should not be expected.

Almost all major cancer institutions refer to the NCCN (National Comprehensive Cancer Network) guidelines for prostate cancer treatment. These guidelines may be successful in the early stages of prostate cancer, but the survival rates drop dramatically for patients who are experiencing an aggressive or recurrent form of prostate cancer. Simply put, NCCN guidelines are derived from large sample clinical trials that do not utilize personalized and genetically-driven treatment and immunotherapy options which can be vitally important for both late-stage and early-stage prostate cancer. This lack of personalization is just one reason the conventional approach can be largely ineffective for certain patients.

Envita is an integrative center of excellence for personalized oncology and specializes in developing world-class integrative cancer treatments that utilize your unique genetic make-up in combination with immunotherapy and a multifaceted targeted approach to provide high-quality personalized care. With nearly two decades of research and clinical experience, Envita has been advancing medical technology to help our patients achieve favorable outcomes.

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In American men, prostate cancer is only behind skin cancer as the most common form of cancer[1]. Statistics estimate that in the U.S. there will be about 164,690 new diagnosis of prostate cancer and about 29,430 death from prostate cancer in 2018[1]. In their lifetime 1-9 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer, and 1 in 41 of those diagnosed will succumb to complications related to the disease[1]. The five-year survival rate for prostate cancer patients falls to 29% when prostate cancer metastasizes and spreads through the body[1]. This staggering decline in survival rate highlights the serious disadvantages the NCCN recommended treatments have when trying to treat prostate cancer that has spread, become treatment resistant, and recurrent.

At Envita we excel at treating patients with late-stage cancers that have failed to respond to conventional treatments. We utilize a wide range of the most advanced world-class oncology, immunotherapy, and genetic targeting to build personalized treatment protocols, genetically determined to potentially give you the best chance to respond to treatment. Our unique and targeted approach to care allows us to treat patients who have even been sent to hospice by other well-established cancer centers. We are often able to achieve positive responses, even when the patient’s conventional treatment options have been exhausted.

Envita Medical Centers doesn't make any guarantee of outcomes. Results are not typical and will vary from person to person and should not be expected.

Prostate Cancer Genetic Testing

You may ask yourself, “How can Envita be so successful where these highly regarded clinics have failed?” There are many answers to this question, but the most impactful reason is our extensive use of genetically targeted personalized treatment options, as opposed to the one-treatment-fits-all method the NCCN has established as the “proper” treatment plan for late-stage cancers. You are unique! Between genetic and environmental factors, you are unlike any other person on earth and your cancer is no different. Genetic targets for you and your cancer should be determined before treatment selection can even take place and this is accomplished through advanced world-class testing. From our experience, no clinic in the nation tests like we do, we identify more cancer biomarkers, get a more in-depth molecular profile, and look deeper into the causes of your prostate cancer. Envita is geared toward providing the most modern and research-based treatment options for our patients. When we gather information on your prostate cancer, we want to look at your circulating tumor cells and not just biopsied tumor cells. Circulating tumor cells provide a real-time and more accurate representation of your prostate cancer’s trajectory. Tumor biopsy is aggressive and difficult but circulating tumor cells can be gathered simply by drawing blood; furthermore, circulating tumor cells represent the most current form of your ever changing cancer so we can treat your cancer where it is going, as opposed to treating where it was.

Next-generation genetic testing is the first step in providing a treatment protocol

At Envita Medical Center we have been treating late-stage prostate cancer for nearly 20 years and we have found that patient-tailored genetic testing is the first step in providing a treatment protocol that is designed specifically for the patient. We use next-generation genetic testing which can help pinpoint the medications and natural agents best suited for treating your unique form of prostate cancer. This in-depth proprietary genetic testing is beyond what most big-name cancer hospitals can offer. The results derived from this advanced testing provides us a more intense look at your cancer’s genetic make-up and helps us select the treatments your cancer will most likely respond to. Our unique approach to testing goes beyond just genetic targets and will also provide information on toxins, infections, and other harmful agents that could be restricting and limiting treatment efficacy, further allowing us to personalize your treatment and create a multifaceted approach that treats your prostate cancer and its potential causes.

Prostate Cancer Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy also plays a very important role in the treatment we provide at Envita. Immunotherapy can be very effective against prostate cancer and studies have shown that it may be a key factor in treating metastasized prostate cancer[2]. Envita utilizes multiple immunotherapy techniques in our treatment options and we are extremely experienced in providing a multitude of genetically targeted immunotherapies to help treat your prostate cancer. The immune system is expertly adapted at killing cancer and normally the immune system can kill thousands of cancerous and precancerous cells daily. It is when the immune system is weakened due to infectious causes and other factors that cancer is allowed to develop and spread.

Envita Medical Centers doesn't make any guarantee of outcomes. Results are not typical and will vary from person to person and should not be expected.

Not all immunotherapy options are created equal and some immunotherapy options work best when tailored to the patient. This is why Envita has developed a unique proprietary immunotherapy program called IMX (Immune Modulation Therapy). IMX combines the most modern and research-based immunotherapies in the world and uses them in concert to attack your prostate cancer. IMX utilizes genetic information from your circulating tumor cells to target your cancerous tumors with dendritic and natural killer cells in combination with lab created viruses and checkpoint inhibitors to help the immune system locate and kill your cancer cells. This advanced form of immunotherapy works in conjunction to provide a powerful treatment that is unmatched by any other clinic in the nation. In addition to IMX, we offer the widest range of immunotherapy options possible to our patients and we use genetic and environmental factors to determine which of these treatments may work the best for you. Immunotherapy has been shown to be essential for the treatment of stage four prostate cancer and receiving immunotherapy from the most experienced clinic in the nation is going to be paramount in helping you get the upper-hand over your prostate cancer.

(IMX Therapy has not been reviewed or approved by the FDA and is currently only available at our Envita Mexico facility.)

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CIPI™ Chemo Immunotherapy Percutaneous Injections

Envita has several other advanced treatment options for late stage and refractory to care cancers like prostate cancer. Procedures like CIPI™, or Chemo Immunotherapy Percutaneous Injection, utilize advanced world-class testing and precision genetic targets to provide unique treatment options for patients suffering from prostate cancer. CIPI™ was developed by Envita Medical Center as a unique form of tumor chemoembolization designed to treat inoperable tumors that are fibrous and difficult to penetrate through traditional intravenous chemotherapy. CIPI™ has the potential to revolutionize the treatment of late-stage prostate cancer by treating common sites of metastasis, including bone, kidney, pancreas, spleen, and more.

By utilizing direct injection of genetically personalized micro-dosed medications into the tumor, CIPI™ can support increased medication delivery and potentially reduced side-effects for cancer patients. The highly targeted nature of the CIPI™ procedure is proving to be a possible alternative for progressive and resistant late-stage prostate cancer patients, and it has helped many of Envita’s patients already. At Envita, we are thrilled to provide our patients with the latest in cancer techniques, and we believe CIPI™ is a revolutionary technology that helps our prostate cancer patients thrive against their disease.

Prostate Cancer Causative Factors

Another key factor to treating prostate cancer is finding and treating the contributive and causative factors that are driving the disease. There are many agents that can contribute to prostate cancer including weight, diet and environmental factors. However, there has been increased reporting of BRCA genes being connected with metastasized prostate cancer[3] and it is estimated that men with a mutated BRCA 2 gene are seven times more likely to develop prostate cancer than the general population[4]. Envita is one of the top clinics in the nation for treating not only cancer but the root causes of that cancer. Treating the root causes of your prostate cancer helps to reduce the chance of reoccurrence and also aids in sustained progression against your prostate cancer. If genetic factors like the BRCA genes and epigenetic-oncogene relations are not being addressed in your prostate cancer treatment you may be ignoring a key factor to overcoming your disease. By treating the genetics and the epigenetics of your disease we aim to attack the cause of your cancer and some of the factors that could be making it resistant to treatment.

Many patients find their way to Envita Medical Center because they have a resistant form of cancer and the conventional options for treatment have been exhausted with little to no results. We offer a different approach to cancer treatment by combining the latest in research-based naturopathic and conventional treatment options from around the world and not just the United States. Every level of the treatment Envita provides is more personalized and more targeted in our clinical opinion than standard regimens. When you are a patient at Envita you are not a number, you are a person, and we take care of our patients, offering a compassionate top-level customer service and care. There is much more we would love to discuss with you about your prostate cancer including our proprietary methods for attacking resistant cancers. If you or a loved one is suffering from prostate cancer or any other form of cancer, please contact our Patient Care Coordinators at 866-830-4576. Our Patient Care Coordinators are experts in their fields and can help set you on the path to recovery. May God bless you on your journey to healing.


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