Advanced Chemotherapy Options

Genetically Targeted Fractionated Chemotherapy

If you are struggling with a late-stage or complex form of cancer, Envita Medical Center and our proprietary oncology technology may be the alternative solution you have been looking for. Envita is a Center of Excellence for precision oncology and we are extremely familiar with the problems many patients face when pursuing cancer treatment. We know that there is a better way to treat cancer and for the last 20 years we have been using personalized genetically driven therapies to give our patients the best chance to respond favorably. In that time, we have developed many advanced forms of treatment and chemotherapy including a state-of-the-art chemotherapy program we call GTFC or Genetically Targeted Fractionated Chemotherapy.

Envita Medical Centers doesn't make any guarantee of outcomes. Results are not typical and will vary from person to person and should not be expected.

GTFC is our proprietary form of low-dose fractionated chemotherapy that can hit up to 7-10 genetic biomarkers and mechanisms of tumor kill at once, something traditional chemotherapy simply cannot do. Furthermore, GTFC is specifically designed to ensure that the majority of our patients experience minimal side-effects due to the utilization of metronomic/low dosing. Through cutting-edge technology, we can precision target your cancer treatment and provide chemotherapy that goes far beyond what most other clinics in the nation can provide. GTFC is uniquely designed for each individual patient and is created in our in-house pharmacy ensuring that each treatment is personalized and customized to the patient’s genetic targets.

Traditional chemotherapy is a taxing and destructive treatment that can be as harmful as the cancer it is meant to treat when not properly targeted, at Envita we take a more advanced approach by combining GTFC with research-based natural intravenous therapies, immunotherapies, and many other world-class treatments to provide a multifaceted approach to treating cancer.

Envita Medical Centers doesn't make any guarantee of outcomes. Results are not typical and will vary from person to person and should not be expected.

GTFC and the NCCN

We believe Genetically Targeted Fractionated Chemotherapy to be the future of personalized cancer treatment. The current standard approach to oncology prescribes chemotherapies based on tissue stage and location derived from the NCCN guidelines. The NCCN (National Comprehensive Cancer Network) is defined as an alliance of 28 cancer centers aiming to use a multidisciplinary team approach to patient care in order to help select the best treatment options for a specific type and stage of cancer. However, these regimens are collated from data and clinical information taken from large clinical trials that try to find the best treatment for the largest percentage of the population with the same type and stage of cancer. Unfortunately, using this method alone is a flawed and outdated approach for establishing cancer treatment options in our clinical opinion. Fortunately, Envita goes beyond the NCCN guidelines by personalizing care for our patients based on advanced cancer genetic profiles. The genetic testing offered at Envita for our GTFC process is far more detailed than other common cancer genetic profiles that are commonly available. The advanced genetic profiles offered to our patients provide an advantage to potentially achieve more accurate and targeted treatments, especially when other treatment options have failed the patient. Envita Medical Center has been specializing in treating late-stage cancer for nearly 20 years. We base our treatments on patient specific advanced genetic targets, molecular profiles, and biomarkers, giving our patients the best chances to achieve remission. The GTFC process starts with great testing, but that is just the beginning to our process.

Next-Generation Personalized Genetic Information

Next-generation personalized genetic information is the bases for GTFC and that means identifying biomarkers that we can target during your treatment[1]. For those who do not know, biomarkers and other molecular targets are gathered from your metastasized cancerous cells. These metastatic cells contain valuable information that we use to, among other things, determine what chemotherapy agents and integrative agents that will work best for each specific patient[1]. We utilize cutting-edge technology to gather the necessary genetic information in a non-invasive and efficient way. Instead of doing an aggressive tumor biopsy which can provide outdated data, we use circulating cancer cells, and free-floating DNA because they represent the most current form of your ever-changing disease[1]. Circulating cancer cells can be gathered through a simple blood draw and genetic information can be updated throughout treatment to evaluate progress and reassess therapy to keep the protocol dynamic[2]. We gather your circulating cancer cells and other genetic and nutritional information to perform intensely in-depth testing to get a cornucopia of data on you and your cancer. This data becomes the driving force behind how we build a personalized treatment protocol for you. Our proprietary testing is among the best in the nation and our ability to identify, track, and modulate the genetic factors of your cancer is second to none. In our opinion, our experience and advanced methods makes us one of the best treatment centers in the nation for late-stage and complex cancers.

With up-to-date genetic profiles on you and your cancer, we design GTFC to use the chemotherapy agents that are scientifically found to be best for combatting your unique cancer[1]. We test your cancer cells against a multitude of different chemotherapy drugs to find the medications that are the most effective at hitting your cancer cell biomarkers. Cancer cell antigen biomarkers are the gate-keepers of the cell and finding the chemotherapies that are best suited to target your cancer cell antigen biomarkers is how the chemotherapy agent is going to target and infiltrate your cancerous cells. By matching the chemotherapy to your cancer antigen biomarkers, we improve the ability to target the cancerous cells and ignore healthy cells[3]. With this information we can utilize our in-house pharmacy Vertisis Custom Pharmacy to create a GTFC that is custom compounded to utilize the most efficacious chemotherapy based on your cancer’s genetic targets. This is combined with a multifaceted protocol that uses genetically targeted natural medicines, immunotherapies, and epigenetic factors.

GTFC's Targeting Method

Targeting our care is the key to properly attacking your cancer and it is meant to stack the odds in favor of our patients and help overcome multidrug resistance (MDR). We use many different types of biomarkers to identify and target your cancer. We look at cancer antigen biomarkers, metabolic biomarkers, epigenetic biomarkers (miRNA), genetic biomarkers, immunotherapy markers and chromosomal biomarkers[1] to guide and genetically target our personalized treatment protocols and GTFC. We found clinically that genetically targeted care is a much more effective and precise approach to treating cancer and, in concert with therapeutic windows induced by natural and integrative medicines, it allows us to focus care and use fractionated doses of chemo agents that are far less than the normal doses used in standard chemotherapy. The standardized method of chemotherapy uses the maximum therapeutic dose which is a fancy way of saying they give you as much poison as they can in hopes that it kills the cancer cells before it harms you. Envita sees the obvious flaw in this method and we designed GTFC to be precise and effective while reduced damage to healthy cells. By utilizing fractionated doses and combining that with targeted natural therapies, immune recovery, smart drugs, and phytotherapeutics we remove many of the major side-effects normally experienced during chemotherapy. We work to make patients therapy as comfortable and effective as possible while undoing the negative repercussions from past treatments.

Furthermore, these microdoses allow us to hit many more biomarkers and mechanisms of tumor kill at once than normal chemotherapy in addition to decreasing the major side-effects caused by chemotherapy agents. Our method is so precise and effective we do not need the maximum therapeutic dose to treat cancer. We can take microdoses of multiple chemo agents at once and combine them in our in-house pharmacy Vertisis Custom Pharmacy to produce a customized medication designed, combined, and produced to combat your unique cancer. We hit from 7-10 biomarkers at once and increase the frequency of treatment to try and remove cancers ability to resist treatment.

GTFC’s Superior Absorption

The final component of GTFC is increased absorption. Normal intravenous chemotherapy treatment only gets an estimated 4-5% of the agents absorbed into the cancerous cells, but at Envita our goal is to get closer to a 100% absorption into cancerous cells. Envita Medical Center uses cutting-edge natural therapies and techniques to increase the absorption of chemotherapy during GTFC. We have been very successful using these techniques in the past but Envita’s goal is for a complete 100% absorption while protecting healthy cells and that is why in some cases we utilize an intratumoral GTFC that allows for image guided injections of these genetic and immunologic drugs directly into the tumor. In cancers that have very fibrous and dense tissues around tumors we deploy a combination of cryoablation and intra-tumor deployment of GTFC. This allows for an immediate kill at the tumor level to help our patients. GTFC is an exciting advanced approach to potentially achieve better cancer outcomes for our patients. Envita is constantly researching and improving our techniques to give our patients that greatest chance to respond to care. That is why we developed GTFC and that is why we continue to refine and grow our tools for fighting against cancer. The vast majority of our patients are always impressed and excited to see the options Envita can provide, as well as to learn why their previous treatment plans didn’t respond as well as they had hoped. Our patients are excited to have a world-class treatment plan where they can feel confident about their care.

Envita Medical Center has been treating late-stage and complex cancers for nearly 20 years and GTFC has been instrumental in providing our patients the most up to date and effective care. We know the struggles and problems of high-dose and protocol-driven chemotherapy treatments and we are fighting to provide as many patients as we can relief from those shortcomings. GTFC is a highly specialized method for treating cancer and we believe it is the future of personalized integrative cancer treatment. If you are looking for a better approach to treating you or your loved one’s cancer, please contact our Patient Care Coordinators at 866-830-4576 and learn more about our treatment options.


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