Cancer Nutrition

Nutrition is an important but many times overlooked factor when it comes to cancer treatment today. Our medical center is seeking to change that, one patient at a time. But in order to be truly effective, cancer nutrition needs to go much further than dieting and supplements. Patients need proper testing and planning in combination with their complete treatment plan. IV nutrition may be able to speed healing and help patients recover, followed by a better explanation of dietary changes cancer patients should follow.

Here at Envita, we understand that cancer patients are extremely vulnerable to the effects of a weakened immune system function as the result of chemotherapy, surgery and other repeated radiation treatments. Good nutrition can go a long way in repairing the human body and that is why we utilize the latest of intravenous treatment technology and oral protocols, customized to fit each patient's individual needs.

Proper cancer nutrition is emphasized by our medical team, as it can immediately improve the quality of life of a patient while simultaneously enhancing other treatments. We administer several different tests in order to identify the carcinogenic toxins, nutrient deficiencies and the specific immunity challenges of every individual patient to improve the effectiveness of our care.

How Important is Cancer Nutrition?

Since the 1970's, there have been more than 280 peer-reviewed studies on cancer nutrition. These particular studies included a minimum of 50 world-wide human studies, with more than 8,521 patients, of whom 5,081 were given nutrients. These studies have indicated significant improvements in the following categories:

  • Quality of life
  • Enhanced immunity
  • Healthy tissue protection
  • Assistance to chemotherapy and radiotherapy

As you can see, nutrition is something that should definitely be included in all treatment plans. The healthier the body is, the better it will fight infection and disease. To learn more about your specific cancer treatment or your options moving forward, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to answer any of your questions.

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