Envita Medical Centers: Cancer and Lyme Disease Treatment Specialists

Envita Medical Centers is an integrative center of excellence for personalized oncology and Lyme disease treatment located in Scottsdale, Arizona with over a hundred years of combined research and clinical experience treating the most difficult and complex cases. We at Envita have been helping our patients outperform other renowned cancer centers for nearly two decades; in that time, we have helped thousands of patients who have struggled with chronic Lyme disease complex and late-stage cancer discover targeted treatment options through the use of advanced integrative personalized medicine that is unique to Envita Medical Centers. We do this work with great love and compassion for our patients which we feel is an integral part of the healing process.

Disclaimer: Individual results will vary. Envita makes no guarantees for outcomes. Each patient case is unique. Please consult your doctor before making any changes to your medical treatment. Not every patient is a candidate for care or achieves these results. Treatments used in this case may not all be FDA approved for the treatment of this condition.

Envita Medical Centers represents the future of personalized medicine. We specialize in integrating the most modern and effective conventional care with the latest in advanced research-based natural and alternative treatment options. Envita has established this unique, complex, and necessary infrastructure to foster unparalleled healing potential for our patients through many years of hard work and prayer.

Disclaimer: Individual results will vary. Envita makes no guarantees for outcomes. Each patient case is unique. Please consult your doctor before making any changes to your medical treatment. Not every patient is a candidate for care or achieves these results. Treatments used in this case may not all be FDA approved for the treatment of this condition.

To achieve real and lasting progress against your condition; you need a completely personalized, in-depth, multifaceted approach that utilizes the latest advancements in genetic testing to find and hit all the treatment targets that were missed by prior care. Envita offers next-level personalized treatment options by combining our 20 years of experience working with the most difficult cases with the latest advancements in medical technology and in-depth testing to build unique treatment protocols comprehensive to each patient’s individual needs. Personalized medicine is the future of medical treatment and Envita Medical Centers is at the forefront of that movement. By utilizing advanced world-class testing and customized medications unique to patients’ needs, we provide a level of personalized care that is unrivaled in the nation and world.

Disclaimer: Individual results will vary. Envita makes no guarantees for outcomes. Each patient case is unique. Please consult your doctor before making any changes to your medical treatment. Not every patient is a candidate for care or achieves these results. Treatments used in this case may not all be FDA approved for the treatment of this condition.

Medications Designed for Our Patient’s Needs

The key to personalized medicine is custom compounded medications and the key to Envita’s care is the development of our own custom compounding pharmacy. Oftentimes commercially available drugs in their standard form cannot treat all the key targets found using our extensive testing methods, that is why our custom compounding pharmacy designs and combines medications specific to our patients’ needs to provide the highest level of personalized care. They have worked hard to create one of the most comprehensive lists of integrative adjunctive compounds found in the nation for the benefit of Envita’s patients. This vast array of medications gives Envita an advantage when personalizing care to our patients, giving them the greatest opportunity for healing.

Envita’s unique pharmacy partnership allows Envita’s treatment options to excel above what other clinics can provide. Because of our relationship, we know that we will always have access to the medications our patients need most, and we can ensure that all medications created for Envita are of the highest quality and safety.

Pharmaceutical vials in a row

Most clinics are forced to deal with huge pharmaceutical companies that mass-produce drugs without the willingness or ability to customize and change those compounds on an individual basis and are often subject to unreliable supply and drug shortage issues. Our custom pharmacy was built with Envita’s patients in mind, producing custom compounds that facilitate genetically targeted treatment individually designed for each patient. Envita’s pharmacy is always working on new drug developments which keeps Envita on the cutting-edge of treatment innovation. The pharmacy is the lifeblood of Envita and our partnership brings the future of personalized medicine to you.

A Whole New Approach to Testing & Diagnosis

If our custom pharmacy is the lifeblood of Envita, then our advanced testing is the backbone. Medical testing is becoming more and more advanced and precise in our modern society and Envita is on the cutting-edge of these advances. We utilize some of the most advanced and in-depth tests in the world to gather the personalized information we need to accurately diagnose you and uniquely design your treatment protocol. Advanced genetic testing is essential to providing an accurate diagnosis and the highest level of personalized care; the more data that we can gather, the more targeted and advanced our diagnosis and treatment options become.

A doctor holding a beaker

Envita’s powerful and targeted care is driven by advanced testing of genetic markers, infectious load, immune status, and more. Between our clinical experience and our access to advanced testing, Envita has become an authority when it comes to getting an accurate diagnosis for your symptoms and establishing a comprehensive treatment protocol designed to give you the best chance to respond.

Misdiagnosed patients and lackluster treatment options are all too common in the world of traditional medical care. The lack of personalization from other clinics can result in treatment that is largely ineffective that may only produce temporary relief but not long-term results. Our goal is to provide a sanctuary for those who have failed to find success elsewhere and give our patient the possibility of a new opportunity at life.

Our in-depth advanced testing combined with our innovative treatment options provide us a “medical blueprint” that is used to precisely diagnose and treat your condition. We specialize in identifying and hitting the treatment targets other care facilities miss, giving our patients the opportunity to outperform the statistics.

Envita’s Advanced Cancer Treatment

Over the last two decades, Envita Medical Centers has been advancing the treatment options for late-stage and complex cancers of all types; we are especially skilled at treating persistent and resistant forms of cancer. Many patients who have struggled with a resistant or persistent form of cancer have been able to achieve breakthroughs at Envita; we have even been successful treating some patients who have been put on hospice by other world-renowned cancer treatment centers.

By incorporating our years of clinical experience with our advanced genetic testing and proprietary treatments, we are better able to identify and treat your cancer on a personalized and customized level. Our cancer treatment is based around research and development. We are always on the forefront of the latest innovations in the world of oncology and continue to innovate on what works and what our patients respond to.

A graphical depiction of cancer in the body

One treatment example that we have seen amazing results with is our proprietary Genetically Targeted Fractionated Chemotherapy treatment, or GTFC™, for short. GTFC™ is a micro-dosed, genetically-targeted chemotherapy that has helped thousands of our patients see lasting progress without the major debilitating side-effects of normal maximum-dose chemotherapy. GTFC™ is so gentle that many patients report being able to hike and exercise while they are actively receiving treatment. Genetically Targeted Fractionated Chemotherapy is a powerful tool, but it represents only a single piece of our approach at Envita. In our clinical opinion, a comprehensive treatment protocol composed of genetically-targeted chemotherapies, immunotherapies, and epigenetic therapies is essential to achieving lasting results when fighting cancer.

Being effective means treating cancer from many angles and it requires constantly researching and updating our treatments, targets, and delivery techniques to be on the cutting-edge of medicine for our patients. Envita is constantly working to innovate to save lives. One such innovation, CIPI, or Chemo Immuno Percutaneous Injection is an image guided delivery method that is showing great promise. CIPI allows image guided genomic based; chemotherapy, integrative agents, and immunotherapy agents to be placed directly into the tumor using proprietary interventional radiology techniques. This minimally invasive procedure allows for 100% delivery of the targeted agents to the tumors while initiating a systemic immune response for our patient base. Our interventional radiology team has become a part of our vast array of advanced cancer treatment technologies.

Additionally, advanced Interventional radiology is being combined with our proprietary GTFC™ to provide an intratumoral GTFC™ that directly injects targeted agents into cancerous tumors. The intratumoral deployment helps to maximize absorption of GTFC™ directly into the tumor cells, increasing the effectiveness of the medications while reducing the damage to healthy cells.

A doctor standing in front of a microscope

Most standard systemic or IV chemotherapy programs are only able to get an estimated 4-5% of non-genetically targeted chemotherapy agents absorbed into the cancerous tumors with the vast majority of the medication being dispersed throughout the body causing devastating side-effects with minimal tumor kill and, in some cases, causing multidrug resistance. Envita’s innovation creates a cancer treatment protocol that is highly precise, personalized, and targeted; attacking more genetic biomarkers and using the latest technologies to give your body exactly what it needs to best respond while pursuing lasting and life changing total health and energy.

Sophisticated Lyme Disease & Chronic Disease Treatment

Envita is intimately familiar with Lyme disease and we are one of the most experienced clinics in the nation when it comes to the treatment of chronic Lyme disease complex. It was the early 2000’s when one of Envita’s own doctors contracted Lyme disease. It was our willingness and determination to discover answers and develop treatments that started our journey towards helping others who struggle with Lyme disease and chronic Lyme disease complex.

We are here to tell you that there is hope and there is light at the end of the tunnel. We know that most patients must fight the medical system to even get an accurate diagnosis when battling Lyme disease. To overcome the obstacle of achieving an accurate diagnosis Envita has developed the most accurate way to diagnosis not only Lyme but also the many coinfections and opportunistic infections that make the Lyme disease complex so difficult to treat.

A bullseye with a tick in the center

Envita is the proprietor of a next-generation DNA sequencing test (which is still in research and development) that is immensely more accurate than PCR, Western Blot or ELISA, to not only conclusively determine what infections are present in our Lyme disease patients, but to be able to finally quantify the amounts of these infections that are present in the body.

After nearly 20 years of treating Lyme disease, we know the importance of an accurate and complete diagnosis when treating this devastating disease. We have seen clinically many patients present with viral, fungal, and parasitic infections beyond what is normally associated with Lyme disease. Without the use of our in-depth DNA sequencing to identify these underlying infections, these important factors would most likely go unnoticed and treatment would continue to be largely ineffective.

In our clinical expertise, we see that treatment must address all related co-infection and help establish the patient’s immune system if lasting progress against chronic Lyme disease complex is going to be achieved. Envita goes beyond standard care and address co-infections, chemical toxins, molds, mycotoxins, immune system issues, heavy metal toxins, as well as the biofilms that can plague Lyme disease patients and lead to antibiotic resistance. Many integrative doctors lack the precision needed to correctly diagnose and treat all these factors in the full Lyme disease complex spectrum.

A nurse administering an intranvenous solution

Additionally, for our Lyme disease patients suffering from neurological symptoms, Envita has developed specialty delivery methods that effectively penetrate the blood-brain barrier to treat neuroborreliosis (Lyme disease that has made its way into the central nervous system). Our treatment protocols are a revolutionary and personalized approach to treating chronic Lyme disease complex that could only be achieved by our clinical experience in treating the most difficult cases. Every treatment at Envita is customized for each unique individual to give them the highest chance to respond to care. We are one of the most experienced and capable Lyme disease treatment clinics in the nation, we are dedicated to helping our patients with the best care possible.

The Envita Medical Centers Advantage

Envita Medical Centers is dedicated to providing our patients with the best treatment modalities and latest technologies in the world to utilize the widest range of top-of-the-line integrative medical care. That means using the most technologically advanced conventional therapies from around the world and integrating them with the most effective in research-based natural alternative medicines and therapies to provide an all-encompassing multifaceted approach to attacking disease and healing the body. In order to provide such a high level of care we are constantly researching and improving our therapies and methods so we can ensure that our patients are receiving the safest and latest in world-class medical care.

We are committed to giving our patients the greatest possible chance to heal and live the life they deserve, and we feel our experience and technology makes us the right choice for you to achieve a better quality of life. There are many avenues to treating cancer and chronic disease and Envita is uniquely positioned to utilize all of them to help you. We have access to the largest range of conventional and natural medicines in the country and we possess the experience and technology to utilize these treatments in the best combinations for your best interest. For the highest quality integrative personalized care, choose Envita Medical Centers. Let us help you experience the Envita Medical Center advantage. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 866-830-4576. We are here to help and will be happy to do so.