Chronic Lyme Disease Patient Failed by 15 Doctors Finally Finds Positive Results in Scottsdale at Envita Medical Centers; Dr. Dino Prato Shares Why

Chronic Lyme Disease Patient Failed by 15 Doctors Finally Finds Positive Results in Scottsdale at Envita Medical Centers; Dr. Dino Prato Shares Why

SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwired - October 09, 2015) - Bob had visited a total of 15 doctors after experiencing “wild symptoms” following a serious fall on black ice. Friends commented about mechanical problems and Bob was even diagnosed with occipital neuralgia after receiving treatment with little benefit, but he eventually discovered an unusual diagnosis from a local doctor in Kentucky: chronic Lyme disease. This came as a surprise to Bob because he didn't have the typical Lyme disease symptoms of swollen joints, fever, bull's-eye rash, and didn't recall a tick bite. After finally learning what was causing his health decline, Bob's next step was to find the best place to treat him. He ultimately chose treatment in Scottsdale at Envita Medical Centers, where he reports much higher energy levels and a great increase in his health. A video of his experience can be found here.

“Many of our patients don't even know they have Lyme disease,” says Dr. Dino Prato, the founder of the center, “and Bob was no exception. Our doctors and medical staff specialize in a Unipathic approach to Lyme disease, but many healthcare professionals lack experience with Lyme disease, so it's really no surprise that he struggled to find the right diagnosis and treatment for as long as he did, as many of our patients do. We are just glad that we had the opportunity to help him.”

Describing how he approached his decision on where to undergo treatment, Bob says, “I searched for what I wanted, which was to find the best place in the country for Lyme disease, and it didn't take me long to find Envita…Within 10 minutes of my email to the center, I got a call from Krysta. We hit it off immediately and she was really great and wide open as far as wanting to help.”

When Bob arrived for his initial consultation, his doctors at Envita showed him a detailed Lyme disease chart, explaining the complex process of treating his condition. The consultation was very educational and in Mr. Trussell's own words he “walked out feeling that he knew a lot more about the disease and that he was with people who knew how to handle what he suffered from.”

Looking back at his entire treatment experience at Envita, Bob says, “I came to Envita months ago not knowing what to expect. I feel considerably better, and I feel that I am on the path to wellness. I've literally made lifelong friends here. I would put my Envita experience as number one when it comes to quality of treatment. You spend hours with your doctor talking about you and you don't get that anywhere else. You have very intelligent and experienced doctors wracking their brains on how to make you well.”

Bob is just one of the many patients that have chosen Envita for their Lyme disease treatment over the years. The medical center is one of the leading Lyme disease treatment facilities in the United States and employs a unique approach that comprehensively addresses all of the factors of the disease. For more information, visit our website at