Dr. Dino Prato of Envita Health Emphasizes the Need for Healthcare Freedom in The Voice of Reason

Dr. Dino Prato of Envita Health Emphasizes the Need for Healthcare Freedom in The Voice of Reason

In the post-Covid world, Americans seem to have become more skeptical about the healthcare options available to them. Addressing this trend of the “great awakening,” in a national conservative talk radio show, a podcast by Andy Hooser, Dr. Dino Prato, Founder and CEO of Envita Health and Envita Medical Centers, said, “People realize that the healthcare system today... is broken.” He referred to reports which show that despite spending almost 18% of our GDP on healthcare, Americans are not experiencing desired outcomes.

Health care spending, both per person and as a share of GDP, continues to be far higher in the United States than in other high-income countries. Yet the U.S. is the only country that does not have universal health coverage, and our average life expectancy is low as compared to other developed countries. Dr. Prato explained that while people are experiencing the benefits of healthcare advancements in certain areas like cardiovascular and trauma care, they are still deprived of the latest developments in the area of chronic diseases like, cancer, autoimmune diseases, and dementia. “This is where really there is an explosion in personalized medicine, integrative medicine too, where people are using the best of both to personalize healthcare so that they give them and their families a chance to live a long and blessed life,” added Dr. Prato.

Highlighting the importance of personalized medicine, Dr. Prato said that in standard oncology care, typically patients' treatment protocols are guided by the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) guidelines, which determine care based on patient's cancer stage and type. However, this approach lacks the personalization which may be crucial for treating life-threatening diseases like cancer, which is a disease of genetic mutations. A detailed genomic analysis to understand the root causative factors of each patient's cancer helps to guide treatments for striking at the disease core, but unfortunately few patients get access to precision oncology care.

“We find that when patients use personalized precision approaches to medicine, they have better responses, better quality of life, and they have many more options to care,” said Dr. Prato. The Envita team has been extensively utilizing the latest advancements in precision oncology based on genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and metabolomics, to precisely target the cancerous cells while concurrently reactivating the patient's immune system. Envita's innovative personalized precision oncology approach utilizes the latest in conventional medicine with research-based natural therapies to help patients, many of whom were left with limited options in other notable cancer care facilities. To enable access to this level of personalized precision oncology care to every patient. Dr. Prato reiterated the importance of healthcare freedom.

Responding to Hooser's concern about whether the healthcare industry had turned towards managing the disease instead of trying to cure it, Dr. Prato said, “When a patient comes down with a chronic disease, particularly cancer, they don't really get personalized protocols.” To help every American experience the benefits of truly personalized care and exercise the right of their healthcare freedom, Envita Health™ has been launched, which is the country's first national integrative precision medicine network. To learn more about the need for healthcare freedom, tune into this podcast.

* The 3rd party actuarial response data is based on an analysis 87 out of 129 patients that participated in Envita's Treatment Program in 2020. 42 patients were removed from the cohort due to the patients' inability to start or complete Envita's prescribed treatment for a variety of reasons, including advanced disease state, disease progression or inability to travel.