Dr. Dino Prato of Envita Medical Centers Discusses Available Breast Cancer Treatments in Healthline

Dr. Dino Prato of Envita Medical Centers Discusses Available Breast Cancer Treatments in Healthline

Suzanne Somers, wellness mogul and star of “Three's Company,” had claimed that she had a “regrown breast” following a novel stem cell procedure, known as cell-assisted lipotransfer, after a lumpectomy. In a Healthline article about breast cancer and its varied treatment options, following Suzanne Somers' death on October 15, 2023, Dr. Dino Prato, Founder and CEO of Envita Medical Centers, said, “This procedure is generally considered safe and offers several benefits by utilizing stem cells from the patient's body for augmentation, rather than relying on foreign or synthetic substances that could potentially pose other health risks.”

CAL (Cell-Assisted Lipotransfers) starts with liposuction, where fat is harvested from areas of the patient's body with excess of it, such as the thighs. The harvested fat is then micronized and reinjected into the breast or any other part of the body that needs augmentation, to help with natural regrowth. However, this may not always be the best option for patients with active cancer in their bodies, explained Dr. Prato. “While cell-assisted lipotransfers are not commonly used in breast cancer treatment, the procedure can play a role in regenerative and aesthetic surgeries and is often employed in orthopedic medicine,” he added.

The Envita team has been practicing the innovative personalized precision integrative oncology approach, combining the latest in conventional medicine with advanced natural therapies. This meticulous approach opens the doors to many more options, going beyond standard chemotherapy, radiation, and invasive surgeries, like mastectomy. In their clinical experience of over 23 years, the Envita team has been able to help numerous cancer patients, many of whom had been written off by other notable cancer treatment facilities.

Explaining how their cutting-edge approach of personalized precision integrative oncology widens the tool kit of options for patients. Dr. Prato said, “Addressing specific root causes for each patient's cancer enhances their responsiveness to treatments and promotes long lasting results.” He added that this approach enables their team of specially trained physicians to precisely target cancerous cells while minimizing the impact on surrounding healthy cells and the overall immune system.

Physicians at Envita custom-develop treatment protocols for each individual patient to strike at the core of the disease and reactivate their immune system. This detailed level of personalization helps to reduce severe side effects, typically associated with standardized treatment protocols, while significantly improving the patient's quality of life.

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* The 3rd party actuarial response data is based on an analysis 87 out of 129 patients that participated in Envita's Treatment Program in 2020. 42 patients were removed from the cohort due to the patients' inability to start or complete Envita's prescribed treatment for a variety of reasons, including advanced disease state, disease progression or inability to travel.