New 5 Step Cancer Treatment Plan Discovered by Envita Medical Centers

New 5 Step Cancer Treatment Plan Discovered by Envita Medical Centers

SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwired - March 03, 2015) - Envita Medical Centers is calling for the overhaul of the cancer treatment system and more specifically, its approach. Dr. Dino Prato, founder of both Envita Medical Centers and Unipathic Medicine feels that the drug centered system of using x treatment to y disease, and if that fails Z hospice or clinical trials, should be transformed into a system that looks into the detailed personalization of cancer treatment for each individual. The key targets here range from genomics to customized immunotherapy, all combined into a singular treatment plan to help patients outperform. Currently, oncology is going into the direction of managing cancer; however we need to hopefully achieve long term remissions for people and do our best to make these diseases obsolete. To put this mission into motion, Envita has incorporated a new, detailed and personalized 5 step plan for better targeted cancer treatment.

The 5 steps for cancer success are as follows:

  • Finding and eliminating the root causes of cancer for each person.
  • Halting oncogenesis and increasing tumor suppressor genes.
  • Biomarker and Molecular derived chemotherapeutic and integrative therapies.
  • Shutting down the metabolic micro-environment involved in cancer metastasis.
  • Targeted immunotherapy treatments or vaccines.

Dr. Prato states that, "Pharmaceutical companies should continue developing wonderful drugs, however, oncologists and physicians are responsible for using good cancer cell biology to properly and comprehensively address their patients as true individuals and not simply as a cohort."

Currently, the conventional system of cancer treatment is focused on a tissue diagnosis for cancer, such as breast, colon, lung cancer, but cancer is not a disease of tissue per say but a disease of biomarkers, molecular profiles and immunological shifts. In the conventional model, biomarkers are run either as a last resort or early in poor outcome cancer types, looking for actionable targets to extend life. Many of these treatments have overwhelming side effects. Envita's five step program is so much more comprehensive and impactful in our opinion. Not only that, but our patients prefer it. Would you rather have a chemotherapy that kills all of your healthy cells and makes you feel horrible or a micro dose chemotherapy hitting multiple biomarkers at one time with fewer side effects? The answer is clear. We find patients want a more effective and targeted approach to cancer and chemotherapy as a whole.

According to recent publications in the Wall Street Journal, major cancer centers are moving to a targeted, biomarker centered approach. It's about time but as Dr. Prato mentions it's not enough because the approach is lacking the comprehensive 5 steps that we feel moves cancer treatment from management of the disease to better long term potential for patients. Cancer is not a linear disease and real time information on mutations is needed alongside immunotherapy to enhance outcomes in our opinion. We will all look back some day and realize how outdated our cancer treatment and development process is currently. As a Naturopathic doctor, Dr. Prato states, "Many will not take what I am saying to heart until they are all done exhausting the old and outdated model that has claimed several generations of people." It's time to rehaul cancer treatment and outcomes to a true personalization using multi-dimensional targets for each cancer patient. To learn more about how Envita leads the way in cancer treatment, visit our website at