Patient From Oklahoma Receives Successful Lyme Disease Treatment at Envita Medical Centers in Arizona

Patient From Oklahoma Receives Successful Lyme Disease Treatment at Envita Medical Centers in Arizona

SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwired - September 16, 2015) - After years of symptom after symptom and doctor after doctor, Wendy, a Lyme disease patient from Oklahoma, finally found success with the treatment provided by Envita Medical Centers. Wendy had been dealing with many neurological symptoms ranging from brain fog, short term memory loss and many more for the last several years. She was also dealing with severe pain throughout her body and was on large doses of pain medication. After trying everything conventional medicine had to offer she looked to alternative doctors to help her but still could not find anything that worked. In the spring of 2015, Wendy decided to make the decision to travel to Scottsdale, Arizona and receive care at Envita Medical Centers.

Wendy's journey to healing would not be a cut and dry case, and involved many weeks of specific and personalized IV therapy at Envita. Looking back on her decision, Wendy stated, “I didn't even remember doing the research and finding Envita the first time.” Her doctor, Dr. Oertle, stated that, “She was so sick that she barely remembered her first appointment.” A couple weeks into treatment, Wendy realized she was actually getting better, but after going home, she started to have new symptoms. According to Wendy, “I came back to Envita to get real medicine, from people that really care.”

When Wendy came back to Envita, the doctors found out that Wendy was having serious GI tract and endocrine system problems, something Envita's doctors had seen many times before with many chronic Lyme disease patients. These findings became the final obstacle for Wendy's success. After the second round of treatments Dr. Oertle claims that, “We had gotten her life back from a comatose state to actually living her life again.”

In her new video on her remarkable recovery, which can be found here, Wendy states, “Envita saved my life… It's the whole dynamic that Envita has, it's not just your patient care coordinator, doctors, or nurses; it's everything together.”

Dr. Dino Prato, the founder of Envita Medical Centers attributes Wendy's success to her doctors “designing the correct medical blueprint and by finding the right diagnostics.”

Wendy states: “I came to Envita so I could get real medicine from people who really care. Most Lyme patients have been passed from doctor to doctor, but the people at Envita are so invested in your health and entire quality of life that it's an absolute amazing experience.”