Breast Cancer Survivor - Cheryl's Envita Review

Breast Cancer Survivor - Cheryl's Envita Review

Cheryl's life changed the day she found a painful lump in her breast. Cheryl started her journey by speaking with the surgeon who had recently treated Cheryl's mother for her second bout with breast cancer. The surgeon went over the one-size-fits-all treatment plan that Cheryl would need to go through to treat her cancer. Right off the bat, Cheryl did not feel comfortable with the options given to her; the surgeon recommended 5 months of chemotherapy followed by surgery and 5 more weeks of daily radiation. It did not make sense to Cheryl that she would be poisoning her body, removing the tumor and then must go back to poisoning her body again. Cheryl reluctantly continued the conversation with the surgeon and they began to talk about her surgery and whether she would want a mastectomy or a lumpectomy. Cheryl assumed that if she received the mastectomy she would not need to continue with radiation afterward but when the surgeon corrected her mentioning that she would still need to do radiation with the mastectomy she said, “that is when they lost me”. This treatment protocol did not make sense to Cheryl and she began to look for alternative methods for treating her cancer.

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After doing a vast amount of research Cheryl concluded that she wanted to seek a provider that could “work with me on my own terms” and used a “more natural and holistic approach”. Cheryl looked at going outside the country for her treatment and began to feel overwhelmed by stress and fear associated with trying to find a suitable treatment protocol. Cheryl knew she was fighting against time and that she needed to start treatment before her cancer metastasized but it was very hard to find a clinic that worked for her, all the time her lump was getting bigger and more painful.

Luckily Cheryl saw a Facebook advertisement for Envita and she decided to call. The staff was amazing, talking to Cheryl answering questions she had and within a week she had set up an appointment to visit Envita for a consultation. “I am very grateful there is something like Envita out here and that I was able to find them,” said Cheryl. From there Envita instituted a personalized treatment protocol that looked to not only treating Cheryl's cancer but also treating the possible causes and agitators of it. Over time, tests began to show that the treatment was working and the inflammation and pain that was making it hard for Cheryl to live her life began to subside and eventually disappear. Cheryl thanks Envita for being there for her in her time of need and commends her doctors for keeper her regularly updated and comfortable during her time with Envita. “This is a place I don't even mind being at every day,” said Cheryl, it is warm and comfortable, not like the sad sterile environment you think of with most treatment clinics. Cheryl says that she is very grateful that she found Envita and that “it is one of the few providers in the US that knows what they are doing, it's very cutting edge and it makes perfect sense”.

If you or a loved one is suffering from cancer please reach out to us at 1-866-830-4576, we are here to help and look forward to answering your questions.