Glioblastoma Cancer Survivor – Doug's Envita Review

Glioblastoma Cancer Survivor – Doug's Envita Review

In 2018, Doug was diagnosed with a brain tumor and was rushed into lifesaving emergency surgery. He was told by his doctors to get his bucket list ready because he only had 12-15 months left to live on the standard chemotherapy treatment they were offering. Thankfully Doug's surgery was successful, but elements of the tumor were still present in his body, and according to Doug's physician at the time, the tumor comes back 100% of the time. His doctors were offering no solutions on how to treat the root causes of Doug's brain tumor. Cecilia, Doug's loving wife, was not willing to give up on her husband and she was going to continue to fight for the one she loved. Cecilia started to look for a cancer clinic that would fight for Doug too, somewhere that would treat the root cause of Doug's tumor and do everything in their power to help him. Through faith and perseverance, Doug and his wife Cecilia were able to find Envita Medical Centers and regain optimism. After doing research, she truly felt that “This was the best answer that God had placed” for her to see.

Envita Medical Centers doesn't make any guarantee of outcomes. Results are not typical and will vary from person to person and should not be expected.

From the beginning, Doug and Cecilia felt at ease with Envita Medical Centers. They sat down with Dr. Ron Matthias and spent hours going over how Envita's next-level treatment options could help Doug fight against his cancer in ways no other clinic could. Envita was able to use their advanced technology and unique methods to administer targeted chemotherapy in a way Doug's former doctors could not. Dr. Matthias explained how Envita uses intravenous chemotherapy in combination with specialized delivery methods that allow the medicine to penetrate the blood-brain barrier and treat the metastatic cancer cells that could not be removed by surgery.

Through experience, cutting-edge testing, and next-level treatment options, Envita attacked Doug's cancer on a genetic level. Envita's advanced genetic testing found mutated genes that were driving Doug's cancer and built customized, genetically-driven medications to shut off these mutated genes. Envita treated Doug's cancer on every level, as Cecilia said, “that's what's so powerful, we have killed this thing at the root cause”.

Doug is currently cancer-free, grateful for Envita and the care they have provided. Cecilia did not want to lose her husband and she is thankful that he can still do the things that make him special to her. In her own words: “We go home with great hope in the future”.

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