Lori's Journey to Healing with Lyme Disease

Lori's Journey to Healing with Lyme Disease

Lori Conama's story is like many patients, filled with struggling with the symptoms of Lyme disease for years and going through treatments that just aren't working. Brain fog, heavy metal toxicity and biofilm were prohibiting her usual prescription of oral antibiotics from doing any good. Lori says that after she received some steroid shots in her back for an unrelated issue, her symptoms got worse. Before Lori knew it, she couldn't walk and was in a wheelchair. She also had other symptoms including blurry vision and trouble reading. After taking oral antibiotics for 3 years, constantly switching, with a history of getting mildly better and then relapsing, Lori finally took matters into her own hands. Searching the internet and digging deeper, she found us and our unique integrative approach and she credits that as being the ultimate reason why she chose to come in for treatment.

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In Lori's eyes, the IV treatments she received saved her life. Lori had been under the false impression that her body would not be receptive to IV treatments, which is the root of all our treatments (the bioavailability factor makes these IV treatments the best form of introducing medicine into a patient's body). During treatment, Lori slowly started to get better. She went from a wheelchair, to a walker, to a cane…and then she was walking.

What we found happened with Lori was that her long term use of antibiotics had actually caused her immune system to weaken. The Lyme disease infection in her body had lingered and her case of Lyme disease became chronic. The key to getting Lori well again, was our ability to treat the entire Lyme disease complex or what we call CLDC. Envita defines CLDC as involving one or more factors: Lyme disease; its co-infections; the reactivation of dormant infections, such as viruses, fungal and parasitic infections; and/or an immune compromised state that can be further complicated by heavy metal toxicity, chemical toxicities, essential nutritional deficiencies and structural impairments as part of the etiology of the chronic disease.

If you go deeper into Lori's case, breaking down biofilms and testing for heavy metals were the keys to her recovery. It should be noted that our medical group is not the only proponent of heavy metals affecting brain function, and that is exactly what we found with Lori's case of Lyme disease.

Many patients all over the world, just like Lori, struggle with chronic forms of Lyme disease that occur when they do not receive the appropriate testing and treatment. Tour our website today, and see testimonials of people just like Lori who got better after receiving proper treatment for chronic Lyme disease.