Lyme Disease Treatment - Barbra's Envita Review

Lyme Disease Treatment - Barbra's Envita Review

When 17-year-old Amelia became ill with mono, her mother Barbra became her caregiver. Amelia had always been prone to aches before, but after mono in 2018, her condition deteriorated quickly. When it became clear that the situation was unmanageable, Barbra began to search for suitable care. However, no doctor was available to see Amelia. “Three months out, three months out, they told me,” Barbra described in her attempts to find help for her daughter. Even when Amelia's hip began to hurt so badly she was unable to walk, there was no aid forthcoming from the doctors and hospitals Barbra spoke to. Something was terribly wrong with this medical system.

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With her daughter rendered pale and shaking with pain, Barbra and Amelia finally stumbled into an orthopedic specialist's office, only to be bitterly disappointed. “I don't know what's wrong with her.” The specialist said, “It's either Ehlers-Danlos syndrome or Lyme disease, and if it's Lyme, then I don't even know what to tell you… You're going to have to figure it out.” The specialist admitted that he and his clinic did not know how to test accurately for Lyme disease and did not know how to treat it either. There was no relief, no hope in sight; Barbra's once vibrant daughter had stopped walking, and nobody seemed willing to help.

Barbra's husband, Doug, began to research online, hoping that a larger city would have more options. What he found instead surprised both of Amelia's parents. They found Envita Medical Center.

Barbra and her husband felt that the cause had to be infectious, it had to be Lyme. Their contact, Samantha, at Envita seemed to be the first person to understand and to care about Amelia's situation, from how the disease had onset, to the lack of any background for her symptoms. Barbra almost broke down, telling Samantha that she “felt like sitting in the waiting room” until a doctor could see Amelia. Samantha pulled some strings on her end and told Barbra she could bring her daughter in for an appointment in two days.

This was the first time since Amelia had become ill that someone had expressed that they cared about Barbra's daughter at all.

Amelia's condition had made her so weak she couldn't support herself enough to walk and needed both Barbara and a family friend to help her get around. After going through specialty testing at Envita, the Lyme diagnosis was confirmed. Amelia's new doctors recommended a week of treatment to stabilize her, but Barbra noticed that even after the first day, Amelia was no longer flinching at her mother's touch, and Amelia was able to get up and walk to the bathroom on her own. At the end of ten days, Amelia was able to walk out of the clinic under her own power. That weekend, she was able to go out with friends for the first time in a long time. During Amelia's treatment Barbra was skeptical Envita could help, but seeing her daughter heal right before her eyes removed her doubts. Barbra knew that she had made the right decision in pursuing her daughter's treatment at Envita. Amelia would not have been the same otherwise.