Lyme Disease Treatment - Hannah's Envita Review

Lyme Disease Treatment - Hannah's Envita Review

About 8 years ago, Hannah began to feel unwell, she started to experience flu-like symptoms, migrating aches, and extreme pains that eventually became constant all over her body. Hannah had always led a healthy life, she was active in her job as a nurse practitioner and in raising her family. After these symptoms persisted she knew that there was something very wrong happening and she began looking for help.

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A slew of testing followed; MRI, EGD, CT scan, and cystoscopy but they all came back negative and the doctors, unable to give any answers, attributed her condition to stress. Hannah knew better though, her whole body felt like it was falling apart and she knew there was something amiss. She was experiencing overwhelming symptoms; brain fog, heart palpitations, memory loss, dizziness, nausea and extreme fatigue. It got so bad she could not even prepare food for her family, she could hardly recognized herself. Hannah and her family became very worried and using Hannah's connections as a nurse practitioner and instructor they began visiting the best medical facilities and specialist to try and find any answers.

After using all the resources at her disposal there was still no one who could give Hannah any reason why her body was unraveling. Doctors wrote it off saying it was all in her head, offering counseling or antidepressants as a treatment. Hannah was left in a pit of pain and despair, she was suffering every day and she knew there was a problem but she could not find anyone to help. She felt hopeless like she was drowning with no sign of help and she was afraid that her life was going to be cut drastically short.

Hannah's family was distraught, watching their loved one deteriorate daily, and they began to do research on their own to try and identify anything that might help. Hannah's daughter, also a nurse practitioner, came across Envita's website in her research and as a family they decided to reach out. Hannah was contacted immediately by an Envita representative and, though Hannah was uncertain, she decided it was worth investigating further. Hannah arrived at Envita for a consultation and they immediately began to lay her worries to rest. Her meeting with Dr. Warren was reassuring and Hannah felt confident that what she was experiencing was chronic Lyme disease. After talking with Dr. Warren about how Lyme disease affects the body and the treatment plan Envita would use with Hannah, she was 100% sure that Envita was the right place for her.

When Hannah started at Envita her body was almost at the end of its rope; she was week, disoriented, and could hardly even remember that first week of treatment. After the first few days of treatment, she had an emotional release, the weight of all she had dealt with up to this point began to pass away and she broke down in tears. The Envita community supported her through this emotional journey and helped her through an emotional time that they were all too familiar with. Hannah was renewed with hope and strength, ready to continue her treatment.

After Hannah's 8th or 9th IRAD treatment, she noticed significant improvement and by the time she received her last treatment she felt like a new person. Hannah credits the design of Envita integrative treatment and calls the mix of naturopathic and conventional medicine genius. Hannah feels like she was given a second chance after being treated by Envita and says that Envita saved her life. She looks back at the time before her treatment when she had no hope and would pray to God for answers. Hannah says that Envita gave her hope back and renewed her future.

Cases like Hannah's are not uncommon. If you suspect you or a loved one may be suffering with Lyme disease do not hesitate to reach out to one of our Patient Care Coordinators at 1-866-830-4576. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have and help set you on the path to healing.