Lyme Disease Treatment - Jeff's Envita Review

Lyme Disease Treatment - Jeff's Envita Review

Jeff is an active man and fond of being outdoors, but this was not always the case. In fact, several years ago, he felt like his body was falling apart, but even worse was the fact that none of his doctors would listen to him or treat any of his worsening symptoms. Jeff had unfortunately come into contact with one of our nation's more insidious parasites, the common deer tick. But it was not the tick itself which caused the lasting damage, but the disease it carried. Jeff had Lyme disease.

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This was actually Jeff's second exposure to Lyme as he had previously been bitten and seen the typical bullseye shaped marks appear on his body. He was given the traditional two-week course of antibiotics and the disease appeared to clear up, but after he was bitten again in 2007, things were different. After finding ticks on himself a second time, Jeff became extremely ill.

Jeff tried telling his doctor that he found the parasites on him a second time, however, this time the doctor's reaction was much more skeptical despite the symptoms Jeff was experiencing. Jeff was told “Lots of people think they have Lyme disease,” a polite way of saying that it was just in his head. Unfortunately for Jeff and his spouse Tami, the classical flaw of arrogance is still alive and well in modern doctors as it was in times past when doctors refused to believe that not washing their hands before surgery could possibly harm their patients.

Within a year, Jeff's symptoms of Lyme became progressively worse. He hurt his bicep while working-out with his son and then shortly after, he hurt the other one. Jeff also became lame in both feet before both of his hands began to feel as though he had severe arthritis. Needless to say, it began to be very hard for Jeff to even go outside anymore at that point. Jeff was not able to continue with his landscaping business and struggled to help his wife with her realty firm. Jeff was becoming afraid for his life as he struggled with this crippling disease, then by chance he happened to run across a friend of his son's who lived in Arizona…

The girlfriend of his son's friend happened to know about a clinic which was not your run-of-the-mill medical center. You probably already guessed it, but that was Envita Medical Centers! Jeff was skeptical at first, but figured that he had nothing left to lose by that point.

When Jeff started his consultation, he was wondering if he would ever be able to leave hospitals and doctors behind, if he would ever get better. But meeting with Dr. Warren, Jeff began to tell him, “You're probably going to think I'm crazy…”

But Dr. Warren stopped him right there and told Jeff, “Nothing you can say to me is going to sound crazy.”

Jeff choked up. It was the first time in over a year that a doctor was willing to listen to him. Dr. Warren proved to Jeff that he knew what he was feeling and what he was going through and not just with his words. Jeff went through the treatment the doctor recommended and for the first time, both he and Tami felt like they were not alone on this tough path they were traveling. Tami came into Envita with Jeff feeling that if her husband could at least feel like 50% of his old self, then it would be worth it, but both she and Jeff were astounded when he made a complete recovery; not just 50% but 100%! Jeff was actually afraid to tell that to Dr. Warren, but he had to admit in the end that he felt “completely normal.” Which is what we all really want in the end.

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