Lyme Disease Treatment - Kirsten's Envita Review

Lyme Disease Treatment - Kirsten's Envita Review

This all started when Kirsten was a little over a year old and she was bit by what her parents thought was a spider. From that point on Kirsten was not able to live a normal life. She did not crawl as a baby and she could not do normal things as a child like swim or ride a bike. She was so clumsy that she was lovingly called their “little fall down girl” by her family. Her parents assumed that Kirsten was just clumsy and uncoordinated, that was until Kirsten turned twelve and had her first seizure.

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That is when everything started to change. Kirsten's parents where rightfully frightened by the incident and like any worried parent they took Kristen to the doctor to get answers. Unfortunately, after a slew of CAT scans, MRI's, and EEG's the doctors had no answers for Kirsten and her terrified parents. With nothing to go on, the doctor wanted to treat Kristen's symptoms with Epilepsy medication. Luckily Kristen's mom was not interested in treating her daughter for a condition she did not have. Kirsten's family decided the correct plan of action was to keep searching for what was causing Kirsten's condition.

From there they started to look at neurological possibilities all while Kirsten seizures continued and her circumstances became worse. More EEG's and more tests but no answers, the doctors could not find a tumor or anything pushing against Kirsten's brain that might explain her symptoms. Kirsten's doctors had nothing left to try and Kirsten realized if she wanted to get better she was going to have to start advocating for herself. That is when, after striking out on her own, Kirsten got the answers she needed and was diagnosed with Lyme disease at the age of 30. This was a huge relief for Kirsten. Finally, she had some answers, and with the source of her this mysterious debilitating condition detected she could focus on getting treatment and getting better.

However, her symptoms were progressing, and the brain fog was destroying Kirsten's life. The brain fog would affect her movement and even her ability to think and process information. The seizures only made the brain fog worse and Kirsten was in a very trying time in her life. That did not stop Kirsten though; in a beautiful ceremony Kirsten married the love of her life and continued to fight off her disease and live to the fullest. Kirsten was living happily with her new husband and battling her condition daily when she had a seizure that changed things for the both of them. Kirsten's husband was so affected by seeing his wife in such a violent and helpless state that he stayed up all night researching treatments for Kristen's Lyme disease. That is when he found Envita Medical Centers and brought the idea to Kirsten and her parents. After talking it over with her family and contacting Envita, Kirsten made the monumental decision to come to Arizona for treatment. It was a huge commitment and Kirsten admits to being scared, but when she got to Envita and talked with the staff and doctors she was comforted by their compassion and dedication towards her. She said that her Patient Care Coordinator Sam, and Dr. Warren helped her understand her condition and the treatments. Kirsten was scared, she knew that her life was on the line and Envita's staff and doctors helped her feel at ease and gave her confidence to get treatment and take the next step forward in her life.

Since being treated at Envita Kirsten's brain fog is gone and she is still seizure free. The brain fog was particularly hard for Kirsten to deal with and she is very grateful to be free of the daily struggle to talk, put together sentences, and even think clearly. Kirsten says Envita has saved her life. She now has a fresh start to live a life she has never known, and she sees every new improvement as a bonus. If you or a loved one is struggling with Lyme disease, please contact our Patient Care Coordinator team at 1-866-830-4576 and let us help you get your life back.