Lyme Disease Treatment – Lynne's Envita Review

Lyme Disease Treatment – Lynne's Envita Review

Lynne spent years going from doctor to doctor looking for answers for her persistent pain and fatigue. She was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2003, but Lynne still had to battle for years just to find an effective treatment. It was not until nearly a decade and a half later, when Lynne found Envita Medical Center, that she could make progress against her chronic Lyme disease complex. Now, Lynne is leaving Envita without the brain fog and fatigue that ruined her life, free of the aches and pains that plagued her for so long. In Lynne's words, “I have my life back.”

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Lynne was bitten by a tick on a camping trip, but she did not suspect Lyme disease because she did not have the signature bullseye rash. Lynne slowly developed symptoms that began to take over her life: brain fog, joint pain, terrible fatigue; Lynne knew something was wrong, and she knew she needed help. Unfortunately, her doctors at the time could not figure it out. This is not uncommon. It is a popular misconception that contracting Lyme disease will always cause the bullseye rash, and this may complicate diagnosis by less experienced doctors. After nearly two decades of clinical experience treating chronic Lyme disease complex, Envita's seasoned physicians have a deep understanding of Lyme disease symptoms and their impact on the body. With precision-targeted, next-generation DNA sequencing, our doctors can deliver more accurate diagnoses to patients like Lynne, providing a path towards better, long-term treatment.

Before coming to Envita, Lynne went from doctor to doctor, eventually being told she had fibromyalgia. Autoimmune conditions like fibromyalgia are common misdiagnoses for chronic Lyme disease because the borrelia bacteria as well as secondary coinfections of chronic Lyme disease complex can mimic the symptoms of more than 300 different conditions. Without proper training, doctors can easily fail to recognize chronic Lyme disease complex and misdiagnosis patients. When Lynne was finally diagnosed in 2003, she was able to find a physician and begin care, but the treatments were ineffective against the many coinfections that came along with borreliosis. Lynne now had answers but was unable to receive sufficient care. It would be years of struggling before she found Envita and made real progress against her chronic Lyme disease complex.

Lynne heard about Envita Medical Center through her sister-in-law, who was receiving treatment for stage four cancer at our clinic and said she had found “great success” against her condition. After discovering that Envita treats chronic infection and Lyme disease as well as cancer, Lynne became hopeful. She was “tired of being tired, tired of not feeling well, tired of walking around with swollen glands, and feeling like I don't have a life.” Lynne wanted her life back, and she felt Envita could help her do that.

Lynne was impressed with Envita's compassionate care from the very beginning. She said that Envita had “the kindest, most caring staff I have ever encountered; they've been like family to me.” Her session with Dr. Warren was so welcoming and informative that by the end, she said: “Yes, this is exactly where I need to be.” Envita's integrative approach truly appealed to Lynne. In our clinical opinion, successful treatment must be comprehensive; addressing both the borrelia spirochete and all related co-infections, as well as simultaneously helping to re-establish the patient's immune system through customized immunotherapy and immunotherapy adjunctive agents. Lynne's personalized treatment plan was designed to strengthen promote infection die-off and strengthen her immune system to help her heal and maintain lasting results.

Lynne's treatment went so well, she said, “I feel like I am a new person.” She no longer has the brain fog and joint pain that plagued her for so long, and her fatigue is gone. Lynne was confident that “Envita was huge in saving my life.” If you are struggling for answers and think you may have chronic Lyme disease complex like Lynne please contact our Patient Care Coordinator team at 866-830-4576 and let us help you get your life back.