Non-Hodgkin's Follicular Lymphoma Survivor - Philip's Envita Review

Non-Hodgkin's Follicular Lymphoma Survivor - Philip's Envita Review

In January of 2015, Philip Smith of Oshawa, Ontario began to experience abdominal pain while on his way to a retreat. At first, his doctor told him that he thought it might be pancreatic cancer, however after looking at his condition, it was found that Philip had Non-Hodgkin's Follicular Lymphoma wrapped around his abdominal aorta as well as the head of his pancreas. Philip's wife Susan tells what happened next: “...he went through six months of chemo and within a couple months after, it was back. And their next option was, well, give you stronger chemo.”

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Unfortunately, this time around, Philip's cancer came back as resistant to chemotherapy, a condition possibly brought on by the first round of chemo itself. Susan reports that their physicians actually said to them “You realize this is incurable.” After sapping their hope, Susan says that they were told, “...Even if you do this chemo, it might give you 3-15 months… might.”

Facing down the barrel of cancer and after speaking with his physicians, Philip said to his wife, “There's gotta be something else.” That's when Susan began her search online for more options. When she typed in the words “Alternative treatments, Arizona,” she stumbled across Envita Medical Clinic and it seemed that her prayers were answered. “Something about it really resonated with my soul.” said Susan during her interview. And even though they lived in Canada and made only a little money doing mission work, they came down to Arizona to begin cancer treatments for Philip.

Once you hear the word ‘cancer,' it… throws you for a loop because, what you thought you were going to be able to achieve in life… it changes everything.

At this point Philip was suffering from severe abdominal pain, however, Dr. Warren at Envita asked him to reduce his pain medication. At first, Philip was hesitant. As treatment began, however, he reported, “I was amazed because I didn't need that pain medication.” and then, “Within a week, they took that other pain pill away.” By the end of the month, Philip claims that he was essentially pain free. Philip attributes his recovery to a combination of radiation therapy and Envita treatments.

Two weeks before his interview, Philip visited his radiologist who was treating him. What they saw in the second PET scan was a massive reduction in the size and brightness of Philip's tumors. Susan said that when they had zoomed in on the area with Philip's tumors, it had been “like a lightbulb” it had been so bright with so much cancer, but the second time around, “it was almost completely dark.” Philip relates how his experience with cancer touched him to his core, “Once you hear the word ‘cancer,' it… throws you for a loop because, what you thought you were going to be able to achieve in life… it changes everything.”

It was an honor to help Philip and Susan overcome this year long battle with Non-Hodgkin's Follicular Lymphoma. We wish them the best of health and a happy life together. To find out how Envita can help you or a loved one who may be battling with cancer please do not hesitate to reach out to one of our Patient Care Coordinators at 1-866-830-4576. We wish you the best of health and may God bless you on your journey to healing.