Squamous Cell Carcinoma - Mary's Envita Review

Squamous Cell Carcinoma - Mary's Envita Review

When Mary and Eric came to Envita Medical Centers they had been battling squamous cell carcinoma of the skin for 8 years. Mary had been to several dermatologists to have lesions burned-off, and cut-out only to have them return. She had tried every naturopathic treatment imaginable and still had no success. Disappointed with their initial treatment response, Eric knew treating the disease topically wasn't going to work and they needed to treat the source of her cancer.

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The couple began exploring many different alternative clinics and therapies. It wasn't until an Amish neighbor told Mary and Eric about Envita that they decided they needed to take a chance. Eric had several phone calls with Samantha, a Patient Care Coordinator at Envita where he told her, “Look Samantha, this is a huge sacrifice, both financially and time and whichever way you can imagine for us to go from Maine to Arizona for two months for this therapy. If this is just a few cute tricks to run a business, like so many other clinics I have seen, then just level with me and tell me up front.” Eric was convinced soon after that Envita was the right place and they needed to make the trip which they did.

Eric and Mary were amazed by the rapid healing they witnessed while at Envita. Mary had 8 lesions on her face when she started care, after only two weeks of treatment all the lesions except one were gone and the last one soon followed with no sign of cancer at all on her skin.

The in-depth diagnostics Mary received at Envita was the key to her success. Envita uncovered a multitude of root problems in her body which were all able to be treated. Mary had heavy-metals stripped from her body. There was a chronic staph infection in her sinus area which was treated. Mary even had several chronic viral infections that were inhibiting her immune system.

Eric is quoted as saying, “It's just a great peace knowing that the people who you have entrusted your health to care and they're knowledgeable too. We got here and within a week I was just shocked! Literally, I was just shocked to see the healing, the rapid dramatic healing and it continued. After 4 or 5 weeks, I felt like we actually made it.”

It was an honor to help Mary and Eric overcome this 8-year battle with squamous cell carcinoma of the skin. We wish them the best of health and a happy life together. To find out how Envita can help you or a loved one who may be battling with cancer please do not hesitate to reach out to one of our Patient Care Coordinators at 1-866-830-4576. We wish you the best of health and may God bless you on your journey to healing.