A Simple Diet for Cancer that Works

A Simple Diet for Cancer that Works

In today's world, knowing the difference between what to eat and more importantly, what not to eat, can be truly overwhelming for many of us with the plethora of food options readily available. For example, at some point in their lives, many people have been told to simply avoid eating meat. It is a personal choice that some people make for themselves; however, misguided information shouldn't be one of those reasons to avoid consuming meat.

With over a decade of providing cancer nutrition for our patients, we are eager to help you put it all together in order to help you create the best possible diet for winning against cancer. Below are some of the powerful ideas that you will need to be successful in your fight against what we refer to as, "The Big Killers," which are: cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Based on our 15 years of history working with the most difficult cancer cases, it is important for us to note that a correct diet for cancer must be utilized and aligned with our integrative treatments to achieve the optimal results.

Becoming Food-Smart for Cancer and Chronic Disease

How Sugar Intake Can Impact Cancer Treatment Success

Cancer loves sugar. Cancer cells have about 12-38 times the receptor sights for insulin than normal cells. Insulin is the key receptor that allows cells to use sugar as source of energy. Armed with the knowledge that cancer cells prefer glucose, we developed several proprietary cancer treatments to kill cancer cells and protect the other "healthy" cells in the body.

What Role Does Diet Play in the Health of a Cancer Patient?

The number one goal of a diet for cancer is to improve your immune system. The immune system is virtually ignored by the majority of cancer centers and hospitals. This area is called immunotherapy. How does what you eat, or more importantly what you don't eat, impact the immune system? It simply has to do with reducing toxic exposure to substances that occupy your immune system and detoxification pathways.

It is optimal to only consume organic whole foods such as fruits, vegetables and grass-fed meats free of antibiotics and hormones. In our book, “The Stupid Diet,” we strongly urge people to eat powerful, smart-impact foods with a holistic mind, body and soul approach to eating. This allows us to achieve a healthy body weight and to have the best possible chance of avoiding illness through fortifying the body's immune system.

A normal body weight is an important goal to have when striving to live a healthy life. However, being thin isn't always a perfect health indicator. Envita Medical Center's CEO Dr. Dino Prato, author of The Stupid Diet, states, "Skinny people get cancer and degenerative disease too." Ultimately, it's really not about dieting at all! Rather, it is about changing our relationship to food and improving the understanding of our body.

Can We Eat Meat?

Have you read all the recent studies suggesting that eating meat is at the root of all cancer? Well, there are two major flaws with that line of thinking.

First of all, ask yourself, are those meat-eaters consuming enough vegetables and fruits as their diets' main day-to-day staples? When people become vegetarian due to health or personal reasons, they tend to eat more fruit and vegetables and ultimately feel better. This doesn't point to meat as the culprit, but rather a lack of fruits and vegetables.

Second, for many centuries people have been consuming meats and still, cancer rates were much lower than they are today. Quality fish and meats contain far more nutrients that serve to protect against cancers than the non-natural corn-fed meats sold at major grocery stores. Grass-fed meat contains more conjugated linoleic acids that actually protect against colon cancer. This doesn't point to meat as the problem, but the quality of meat instead.

It is definitely acceptable to choose a vegan or vegetarian diet if that is a lifestyle you can continually maintain. However, our clinical experience suggests that most cancer patients genuinely feel better and much more energetic with a diet containing high-quality meats. That being said, everyone's metabolism is different and you need to find what works best for you. The most important aspect of refining your diet is to improve the quality of foods you choose to eat.

Eating Healthy in America: The Bottom Line

Consider that roughly 67% of America is obese and that one in every two individuals, on average, will develop cancer or heart disease in their lifetime. It is clear that we must urgently change the way we take care of ourselves.

Instead of following new diet trends and gimmicks, eat well and exercise as much as possible. Fad diets will ultimately detract from your main goal of health and can actually increase the amount of weight you'll put back on after going off of the diet.

The truth is that the dieting world is a crazy one. Invest in a good quality multivitamin and pick up a copy of “The Stupid Diet” (sold in all Envita offices). The time to learn how to get yourself (and your loved ones) on the right path is now.

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