Innovations in Prostate Cancer Research

Innovations in Prostate Cancer Research

Stage 4 prostate cancer patients typically do not achieve remission with standard chemotherapy regimens and testosterone blocking agents such as Lupron, which is used to slow down the development of stage 4 prostate cancer. A major side effect of Lupron and other similar agents is breast growth and tenderness; this and other estrogen dominate related side effects can harmfully impact men's overall long term health, energy, and vitality.

These common regimens are typically followed with radiation to spot treat the bone metastatic sites in an effort to improve quality of life for stage 4 prostate cancer. In fact, tumor boards and hospital cancer discussion panels are typically limited to palliative radiotherapy for stage 4 prostate cancer patients.

In short, stage 4 prostate cancer has been in desperate need of new innovative approaches for quite some time. There have been definite improvements in early prostate cancer treatments like robotic surgery and less invasive techniques including cyber-knife. Let us share with you a better approach to stage 4 prostate cancer. We will also discuss key immunotherapy cancer treatment options that we believe are essential for the treatment of stage 4 prostate cancer.

This video explains how MR-HIFU medical systems will change the world of cancer and prostate cancer treatment not yet available in the US.

Our Stage 4 Prostate Cancer Solutions in Effect

Our stage 4 prostate treatments and solutions are innovative and incorporate world class technology. Not long ago, an FDA approved vaccine called Provenge was presented, using 15 year old dendritic cell technology, similar to that touted by the Germans, and used in Asian countries to battle cancer. This is what we call dendritic cell immunotherapy and it plays a critical role with regard to stage 4 prostate cancer patients. However, we think the technology is outdated and we will show you why.

In 2006, the research team for Envita developed what we refer to as "the world's first intelligent cancer treatment." The treatment processes the latest advancements in Natural Killer (NK) Cell Immunotherapy to assist stage 4 prostate cancer patients. Our proprietary treatments may help stage 4 prostate cancer patients achieve significant results. The crucial point is that Natural Killer Cells are the key. Even dendritic cell vaccines work by passing information over to the NK cells, AAIT actually provides a final product that does the tumor kill for stage 4 prostate cancer patients. Billions of targeted NK cells are ready to destroy tumors and more importantly, metastasis.

Common Bone Metastasis Solutions for Stage 4 Prostate Cancer

We now assert that new dynamic innovations using high-intensity, focused ultrasounds, will soon replace some radiotherapy used to treat bone cancers, especially metastatic bone stage 4 prostate cancer. Bone metastasis is commonly found in prostate and breast cancer, as well as other late stage cancers. This stellar technology allows for the destruction of cancer with only one or two treatments, and without the use of radiation.

This is critical, as it can spare patients' additional physical weakening and the weakening of their immune systems. Via MRI, during treatment, it is visible to see the tumor destruction instantly. Philips HIFU is a great place for you to learn more about our technology being made available to stage 4 prostate cancer patients. This, in many cases, eliminates most radiation treatments in the future, most importantly, giving direct real time imaging to see tumor destruction.

Swinging for the Knockout

The second powerful treatment factor involves AAIT, by implementing natural killer cells to fortify the immune system. To learn more, watch our video about the science of AAIT treatment.

Naturally, more treatment options are customized and incorporated for our stage 4 prostate cancer patients, but they are administered based on independent factors and genetic, immunological information gathered through testing. Even when we utilize chemotherapy it is done in customized and low dose targeted manner.

Stage 4 Prostate Cancer - Environment of the Host

It is necessary to maintain focus on the primary causes that nourish cancer, these are epigenetic, environmental and genetic factors. Other factors may include infection, toxicity, hormone imbalances, genetic hormonal shifts, plus inflammation that feed the growth of stage 4 prostate cancer and really most other cancers.

We employ targeted and aggressive methods to alter the body's environment so that it remains inhospitable to stage 4 prostate cancer and its growth process. Diet and lifestyle changes, though important, are just not potent enough on their own. If used alone with stage 4 prostate cancer patients we cannot honestly expect desirable outcomes.

Our proprietary treatments allow the host to maintain an environment which is not conducive to cancer growth and spread – while strengthening our patients' quality of life throughout the process. Get better understanding of Cancer Statistics in advanced cancer treatment.

To discover more about which solutions can aid you and your particular cancer or stage 4 prostate cancer send us an email or call us today and let us help build a powerful and personalized plan.

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