The New Normal for Cancer Patients During the Rise of COVID-19

The New Normal for Cancer Patients During the Rise of COVID-19

Treatment timing is critical for cancer patients living in the midst of COVID-19, it is important that they receive targeted treatment while keeping their immune system strong.

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Like no time in history, cancer patients need real focused immune system support to fight off infections because cancer patients represent a population that is highly vulnerable to the COVID-19 infection1

The key is for patients to utilize an integrative approach to oncology where their immune system is being supported and built alongside their treatment.

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Envita Medical Centers' Approach to Cancer and COVID-19 Prevention

Envita Medical Center has been specializing in the field of advanced integrative oncology for the last 20 years, their founder Dr. Prato states,

We cannot stop treating cancer patients, it is imperative that these patients get the targeted treatment they need with an emphasis on building the immune system to support their bodies.–Dr. Prato

A graphical image depicting COVID-19's mortality rate by age

We must not continue to allow chemotherapy and radiation treatments to push cancer patients into an overwhelmingly immune compromised state without bringing on the proper integrative agents to help these patients rebound from treatment.–Dr. Prato

Dr. Prato and his team of doctors at Envita have incorporated a prophylactic immune boosting protocol for their entire patient base. According to Dr. Prato,

We are treating every single patient as though they will contract COVID-19 or at the very least will get exposed to it. The mistake conventional oncology makes is in the assumption that a cancer patient's immune system will recover, but that is not always the case. Integrative oncology and immune support are destined to become the new standard of care for cancer patients.–Dr. Prato

With so much uncertainty in the air, there is one treatment modality that needs to be employed immediately to help both cancer and COVID-19 patients alike, and that modality is based around building the immune system.

A graphical image depicting COVID-19's mortality rate by age

Immune System Complications and COVID-19

According to current research, the population most affected by the COVID-19 virus is the elderly and particularly people with compromised immune systems2

The impact of this virus can be especially detrimental for anybody who is dealing with a cancer diagnosis because conventional cancer treatments can have devastating effects on the body's immune system3, in particular CD-56 cells, the cells responsible for killing cancer cells and viruses like COVID-19.

A graphical image depicting conventional cancer treatment

When CD-56 cells are functioning properly and in large enough quantity, these cells actively kill virally infected cells in the body, the quantity of CD-56 cells being the key factor4.

A graphical image depicting a cancer tumor cell

As the human body ages beyond 60 years, there is about a 50% decline in the number of active CD-56 cells in the blood stream verses individuals aged 20-40 years5.

In addition, it is when CD-56 cells are weakened by surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy that the body's primary means of protecting itself from further complications is diminished, leaving the patient in a fragile state where opportunistic infections can cause serious harm.

A graphical image describing chemotherapy

Because CD-56 cells are critical for the prognosis and outcome of various cancer types, it is crucial for all cancer patients to incorporate an integrative strategy to keep their immune systems strong so they can better combat any incidental exposures.

When a patient has properly targeted IV nutrients and phytotherapeutics that help to modulate their immune system, they have a greater chance to respond favorably when exposed to a virus6.

A graphical image depicting a strong immune system

Envita Medical Center is making a commitment to provide patients with targeted treatments through this time of uncertainty so that our cancer patients are not marginalized and have the much-needed advantage they need for care.

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