The Next Generation of Chemotherapy

The Next Generation of Chemotherapy

The advent of genetics, molecular profiling and signaling has changed the world of cancer treatment forever. In the last several years, chemotherapy treatment strategies, and approaches have improved on the research side, however not so much in the overall outcomes for late stage disease.

We haves developed a new way to test and deliver chemotherapy that utilizes the latest in molecular profiling and bio-mapping to personalize chemotherapy selections while minimizing side effects all at the same time. It is called Genetically Targeted Chemotherapy (GTFC). We will explain in detail why this is more powerful and personalized approach represents a huge advantage for patients.

How Genetics are Impacting Breast Cancer Treatment

Clinical Data Points us in a Better Direction

In last several years we have found that about 75% of patients were utilizing the wrong chemotherapy before coming to us. We found patients were on dated chemotherapy regimens that may have worked for short while, but later became resistant to the chemotherapy and placed the patient in an overall weakened state and devastated overall immune function.

Numerous published papers and literature on the discovery of new chemotherapy, mechanisms of cancer kill, showed specific pathways that are linked to the genetics of each person's individual tumor and molecular profiling and not so much to the actual cancer type. This is a huge change from the old one size fits all method of cancer treatment that simply uses protocols based on type of cancer or tissue type only. The interesting part to this is that once the genetic information of the tumor is unlocked, not only do we find appropriate drug selection but also adjunctive natural therapies that may work complementary.

Charting a Plan for Success

At Envita, the patient's actual tumor is analyzed for various genetic and non-genetic biomarkers. Then, just like a fingerprint, the unique characteristics are characterized and typed to specific treatments. It becomes quickly clear to see which therapeutic agents would be beneficial and more importantly those that are not. The testing is aligned to important relevant literature and correlates with the biomarkers to the best drug and treatment response for the patient.

GTFC helps to first identify key treatments in order to help patients and then utilizes special delivery agents to shuttle treatment specific to cancer cells while minimizing harm to the healthy cells and tissues. The roadmap to better care starts with identifying the best treatment options and then targeting the delivery of these specific agents. In addition, advanced natural treatments are correlated with the same information to create the most compressive and personalized cancer treatment. To learn more about your treatment options and how we can help you, contact us today.

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