Patricia's Chronic Lyme Disease Battle

Patricia's Chronic Lyme Disease Battle

In 1985, Patricia was bit numerous times by ticks and fleas from her family dog. Nobody suspected Lyme disease. She had bouts of illness here and there, but she never found the root cause. Things started to progress further…Patricia developed chronic infections, with something major coming up every year – if it wasn't pneumonia, it was meningitis. That was when Patricia finally got a diagnosis. But it wasn't Lyme disease…it was fibromyalgia. Patricia was soon on one medication after another. Cymbalta, Lyrica…Patricia was now going to the doctor every month for a new prescription. Patricia at one point had 15 different medications! These same medications were alleviating some of her symptoms but were also compounding her illness. Soon after, Patricia started to get seizures and doctors even claimed that she had MS. That all changed when one day, she happened upon a webinar by Envita's founder, Dr. Dino Prato. Patricia soon found that she had 90 percent of the symptoms listed for chronic Lyme disease, hair loss and memory loss among them. So Patricia reached out, and the rest is history.

When Patricia finally made the decision to go to Envita she said that, “This is it, this is the answer. This is where I'm going to heal.” Extensive tests were done on all the viruses that Patricia had been exposed to over the years. She remembers that soon after treatment at Envita, her symptoms subsided. Directly from Patricia, “There was no more aching in my legs, no more headaches, no more trembling and shaking…I remember being so grateful and thankful as each symptom subsided. Going to Envita saved my life…absolutely.”

Here at Envita, we are so glad that we could help Patricia find relief from chronic Lyme disease. We wish her all the best. If you or a loved one is seeking treatment for Lyme disease or its chronic form, please contact one of our educated and compassionate patient care coordinators today.

Patricia talks about her experience at Envita

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